Horror Movie So Real People Are Throwing Up, Fainting In Theaters

A horror movie is so terrifying that theatergoers are throwing up, screaming, crying and fainting in theaters.

"Terrifier 2" has upped the bar to new frights. Audience members tell their stories of the chaos that ensued when they saw the movie's premiere this week.

The crowd-funded indie horror flick is a sequel to "Terrifier," which tells the story of a psychotic killer clown named "Art the Clown." However the follow-up is full of much more gore and violence that people are losing their minds (and their lunch) over it.

The filmmakers were so confident that they had a horror hit that they used witty marketing like handing out barf bags to theatergoers.

Personally I'm not really into horror films. My level of being scared goes up to the "Scream" movies and that's about it. I know some people are absolutely terrified of clowns, but they never really bothered me.

Until now.


Yeah I'm good. Going to sit this one out. Not only because I don't need to see a killer clown on the loose, but I prefer my movie experience not to smell like other people's vomit.

However if you're up to get a real scare this Halloween season, you can now see Terrifier 2 across 850 theaters beginning this weekend.