Hooters Mariah & Friends Love March Madness, Tiger Woods-Erica Herman Split Heats Up, Plus A Dale 'Earnfrog' Tattoo

I gotta start this morning with the story of the 31-year-old lunch lady

Now, first off, shame on this sicko Andie Rosafort for allegedly grooming that 14-year-old boy with nude Snaps and whatever else she was up to. Sit all of that aside for a minute. We need to address this news that lunch ladies suddenly got hot within the school system. Is this a one-off or is there some sort of hot, 31-year-old lunch lady movement going on that I'm not aware of?

Did some hot TikTok influencer make a video about taking a lunch lady job and now hot 30-somethings are jumping on the craze? Like many of you, I remember the lunch ladies where I went to school as the old ladies that would crush Strohs and change the oil in their Cutlass Supremes after pulling a shift at the school.

I saw some guy on social media mention how his lunch lady was more of the Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine type.


Andie is definitely a game-changer in the industry.

It didn't snow all damn winter until I'm about to go on the Screencaps Spring Break To Savannah

Guys, I've used my snow shovel ONCE all winter, and now this. I'm just calling on the airlines to make tomorrow as painless as possible as I try to knock off a bucket list item -- seeing the Savannah Bananas.

I didn't have Shawn Kemp being arrested for a drive-by shooting on my March Madness BINGO card

Remember, Shawn's innocent until proven guilty. Let's stop and see how this plays out in the media and within the legal system. Based on what the Seattle media is reporting, it sounds like this is some sort of OJ situation when Juice barged into that Vegas hotel room to get his belongings from those thugs.

I knew March was going to be a big basketball month. I just didn't know it would include The Reign Man popping off a few rounds. Add in the Tiger Woods-Erica Herman drama and March is coming in like a lion.

Solution for the bum who was whining about his $5,000 loan that requires a $175/mo. payment & now he's not able to buy a car

• Andrew N., the owner of Gift Baskets from Michigan, writes:

The recent turmoil over people not being able to pay their student loans and car loans got me to write in once again to offer simple solutions.

My son started an internship (he is a high school senior) with a local factory making $17 per hour working 20 hours a week while finishing up school. They are training him to do pretty much everything in the factory with an option after the internship is over to sign on full-time. 

They will also cover any educational expenses he will need in order to specialize and/or get his journeyman's license in whichever skilled trade he decides on.  Also, the hourly rate doubles once he 'graduates' the internship program and is working full-time.

My nephew just got a job (high school graduate) at the local hospital in their maintenance department earning $22 per hour full-time. They will train him in everything they will require of him.

I guess my point is, there are tons of jobs out there like this for people willing to work. The bonus with the above examples is that neither one will need to take on huge amounts of debt in order to have a decent-paying job.  The extra bonus is their employers will cover any additional education or training they might need.

I'd like to point out that this is in rural Michigan, not in a big city. Jobs are out there for those willing to do the work.

Let's keep shining a light on the good-paying jobs that are out there for people who are willing to work hard.

The AI bots refuse to mow on Thursday or they refuse to Do Hard Things

• Mike L. toyed with an AI bot who was trying to steal his passwords and his brain on Linkedin:

The guys with Masters season tickets say you better not fill pill bottles with beautiful Augusta National turf...and you need to read about someone with Masters season tickets until his parents pass

• Mike D. has a special story to share about how he came into recurring season tickets to the Masters. Yes, two tickets for Thursday-Sunday. This is going to raise the jealousy meter around the Screencaps community:

I’ve been every year since 1996 so here are a few things:

1.  Must have photo is the free one at the front of the clubhouse with the flowers arranged like the good ole USA and flagstick.  

2.  Walk the whole course several times but if after that you need a place where there are very few people then the 11th tee box is a great place for some quiet time and the players are usually talkative there.  For non-stop golf action the 14th tee box.  You can watch the players play the newly lengthened 13th hole and if they go for it or just lay-up.  Then you can also quickly watch them play the 15th green and then the 16th.  Another great place is the 10th tee box with the practice putting green right behind it.  There is always someone there like Tiger, Rory, and Phil    

3.  Don't take grass clippings, you look like an idiot.

4.  The Hooters is awesome talent watching as they bring in servers from all over the country and the place is packed after they finish playing golf.  

I won't bore you with my complete day but it was probably the 3rd greatest day of my life after the birth of my son and my wedding day.  A few observations, Augusta National puts on the greatest sporting event in the world.  The grounds are perfect, free parking, sandwiches are around $2.00 and beers are $4.00 (maybe $5.00 this year). 

When I first went to the Masters in 1996 I was stationed at Ft. Gordon and the base always got 125 badges for the tournament.  You put in for the lottery to see if you get picked.  A friend and I both put in but he was the only one who got selected.  He had been before and after seeing the disappointment on my face said he would give me his ticket but I had to promise to if I ever got the chance that I had to take someone who had never been before. 

Thinking that would never happen I said deal.  I got to go on Thursday and that was the year that Greg Norman shot a 63 to start the tournament.  To say that it was a different time then is an understatement.  I arrived at the course at around 7:30 at the back gate and proceeded to walk up to the first tee.  When I got to the tee there was Gene Sarazen, Byron Nelson, and Sam Snead as the honorary starters just waiting to tee off and only about 50 people watching.  Back then the patrons didn't start to show up until around 10:00 or so.

From there I moved to the 2nd green and watched the players try to hit the green in two and would move over to the 3rd tee box and watch them drive that hole as there were still only about 20 people around the green.  All of that changed when Arnold Palmer played the hole and the area completely filled up.  Spent the day just walking around taking in everything.  At around 5:00 Greg Norman and Fuzzy Zeller were playing the 18th and I decided to walk up to the clubhouse with their group.  As I got to the green I noticed a golf cart and Gary McCord standing there. 

After talking to him for a minute here comes Norman to give an interview about his round.  You could see how excited he was which made that Sunday round so painful to watch. 

The next year I get a call from my father telling me that while he was trying to get practice round tickets but he got a letter from Augusta National telling him that if he wanted he could get 4 tickets to the tournament.  My dad said that he didn’t want 4 tickets but could use 2 and they agreed. 

My siblings and I were bewildered that he didn’t take all 4 but it has been great to get these 2 tickets for over 25 years.  As the years have gone by family members have stopped going for various reasons (cost for lodging, health reasons to walk the course, etc.). 

So now every year I try to take someone who has never attended before and that makes it fun to watch them experience it for the first time.  Now I will say this, watch what you say that you will do because you never know if it will happen or not. 


Yes, we get them every year until my parents pass away.  In the past, you were able to pass them down to someone in your family but that has changed and now once the current badge holder passes you no longer get the tickets.  And yes, ANGC has someone at the Social Security Office and they monitor when someone passes.  Last year I was talking to someone who has been going since the 50s and he is pretty bitter about this change. 

Here is a picture of myself (in Red) watching Tiger on a Saturday I believe.  We sat at 18 when he won in 2019.  That was the largest crowd I have ever seen at Augusta.  


Talk about hitting the sports lottery with this timing. Imagine puffing out your chest in the spring each year when the guys at work ask what you're up to in April. Oh, just going to Augusta for five days to watch Tiger win The Masters.

What a run, Mike. There are grown men reading this who would give up marriages for this lifestyle.

• Dr. J. in North Augusta, SC writes:

Ft. Gordon, GA is in Augusta and gets ~100 Masters badges every year.  There’s a lottery for Active Duty Service Members stationed there to enter for 1 day of the tournament.  I was assigned there 3 times, eventually retiring from Ft. Gordon, and was fortunate to win the lottery and attend the Masters a few times.  I’ve been to several practice rounds, mostly in the old days when you could walk up to buy badges or more easily buy from patrons leaving the grounds vs today’s outrageous secondary market and distance limits from the front gate for scalped badges.

I miraculously won the lottery this year for Tuesday’s practice round. Taking my wife and 2 adult kids for the day.  

1. Iconic pictures:  In front of the Clubhouse (on the Magnolia Drive side) there’s a grass island w/the Masters logo in yellow flowers. There will be a line, but it’s worth it.

Amen Corner, with 13th green in the background.  It’s close enough to be distinct in the background. 12th green is pretty far from patron area and doesn’t make for a great shot.

Large scoreboard by 1 fairway.

15th & 16th greens.  

2. Can’t miss viewing locations: The grandstands along 16 tee box.  Golfers will practice tee shots, then go to front of tee box and skip the ball onto the green.  From the stands on 12th tee you can watch 11th green, all of 12 and tee shot on 13.  Also, sitting on hill between 6 tee and green, the ball travels over you to the green.  You can also see 16 green from there.  Finally, 7th green is underrated.  You can see 2 green and sometimes drive on 3.  Plus, 7th green is entertaining all by itself.

If you want to see the golfers, stand by the walkways, near the guys manning the ropes.  Transition from 3 green to 4 tee they get pretty close.

Don’t follow Tiger, unless you like crowds. 

3. Pins are unique for the year and are collectible.  The Masters flag will also have the year on it.  You can sometimes get golfers to sign things between the driving range and walkway through the clubhouse to the practice green.

Yes.  The grass is short and would not result in much of a souvenir.  

4. Hooters w/John Daly is overrated for me. To each their own.


• Beau in Toledo IS BACK and he's been shooting photos of the moon. He writes:

Hope everyone I sent this to gets to see it ouside!!


I was coming out of Lowe's the other night and saw it with my own two eyes. It was a rather impressive light show from the moon. It really lit up the suburban strip mall parking lot. Love it.

Yacht Rock Final Four

• Rob R. came up with his Final Four and it's a pretty impressive list that's a who's who of creating the right vibe for the yachting community:

Love the idea of the Final Four, definitely keeps it simple. As always, an honor to be featured in Screencaps. 

After further deliberation, here’s what I’ll submit. This is open for discussion, of course. 

 - Michael McDonald

- Hall and Oates

- Steely Dan

- Kenny Loggins (will accept Loggins and Messina as well) 

Lib libs like Judd F are allowed to participate, providing they can detail one thing Biden has done right in office so far. 

Numbers from :

Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

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