Hooters Loves Football, An Aggressive WWE Raw Sign & Cincinnati Kids Practice 'Who Dey'

Are there any psychologists who follow Screencaps?

First off today, I need a psychologist! Not for myself. I need a psychologist to analyze some psychological behavior. Let's cut to the chase here: I need the psychologist to analyze the behavior of Patrick Mahomes' baby mama Brittany Lynne and his annoying brother Jackson Mahomes.

Seriously, I would like to know what it all means psychologically when the baby mama finds it necessary to spray champagne on fans at Arrowhead Stadium after her husband won what is being considered to be a top 5 all-time playoff game, if not the best game ever. I want to know why the annoying bird-brain brother is the way he is. I want to know what causes the NFL baby mamas to play the victim card.

Are you a psychologist who can explain the behavior out of these two who have to constantly scream "LETSSSS GOOOOOOOOO" AND "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH."

I'd like to hear from the trained psychologists here. I know there are many aunts and moms who like to play psychologists on Facebook. I want to hear from the professionals. I will keep this completely anonymous.

Why is this important? Because I need to know my AFC title game enemies before Sunday. I need to know what makes them tick and what knocks them off their games. This is critical intel heading into Sunday. We need all the advantages we can get!

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

• One quick item while it's on the top of my head. Jeopardy! should try to find less competent competitors for Amy, the transgender champion who hasn't faced real competition in weeks.

Last night, I was convinced that Joanne (I'm pretty sure she said she's from Toledo) was 15. And the lawyer they threw up against Amy was completely overmatched.

Hey Jeopardy!, are you rigging this run by Amy? Because it's starting to feel that way. You're damn right Amy's melon is filled with all sorts of information and facts, but these competitors couldn't win a VFW trivia night competition.

• Jason M. in Colorado Springs (originally from Springfield, OH) writes:

If the Bengals win the AFC title game, do you stay in Florida and watch the Super Bowl with your dad or can you talk Clay into making you the on-site OutKick Super Bowl correspondent?


Listen, I will do whatever Clay tells me to do this year, but I will not be requesting a Super Bowl correspondent job, even if the Bengals shock the world and beat the Chiefs. Again. I've had this conversation with my friends via text group, and my mind hasn't changed even with the Bengals four quarters away from a trip to Los Angeles.

If you have been following Clay's tweets, you can tell he's like me. We know the good Super Bowl cities. I'm not convinced at all that L.A. is going to be a good Super Bowl city. Throw in the COVID era, and it's going to be weak. Trust me.

• Fellow Bengals fan Rachel N. (I told you guys there's a fast-developing female readership around here) would like to remind me of the Cincinnati chili rules. Monday I mentioned how Skyline's base recipe doesn't call for beans:

Just reading your screencaps article this morning. People do eat Cincy chili with beans in it - it's called a 4-Way. You get spaghetti, chili, cheese, and your choice of diced onions or beans. The 5-Way is spaghetti, chili, cheese, diced onions, and beans. They sometimes offer Habenero Cheese or an extra 1/2 lb of shredded cheese for a limited time!! It is a unique experience to eat Cincinnati Chili!

• Jason L. slid into the Instagram DMs (@joekinseyexp .... they're wide open, you stay anonymous and you can tip me off to your favorite IG models without me ratting you out ... let's see your IG finds!) to say:

Joe - I’m sure you heard of this before but what about a winter TNML-like league for us snow folk. I’m not sure what it is but I get just as much satisfaction looking at the cleared driveway and sidewalk after an hour shoveling and blowing snow. When it happens on the weekend or weeknights, beers usually follow as well. Can we form a new division?


Yes, you guys can form a new snowblowing division. I'm willing to accept photos from you guys who want to show off your driveways, sidewalks, etc. I would like to see photos from those of you who build massive snow forts for the kids with the driveway snow. We've had 5 1/2 inches of snow since Sunday, so I have a mini snow mountain in the works for the boys to dive into, but it's going to take a solid 12-inch dump to create a real monster.

So the game is on. Jason and the rest of the snow community want to see some content. Don't let them down.

• Mike T. & Cindy T.'s latest food update:

Hola Amigo,

Greetings from rainy Puerto Vallarta Mexico! Big storm blew in today and it rained about 1 1/2 inches in about an hour canceling a trip we had planned to see some friends in Nuevo Vallarta. The city streets all flooded, a little crazy.

So, we took the bus to revisit an El Pastor place close by, Pepe’s. Little different order, appetizer, tostada topped with Queso cheese and grilled onions in a sauce that’s like a teriyaki, delicious.

El pastor tacos and Vulcan ( tostada topped with pastor, cheese, and grilled pineapple) double extra order of the grilled onions, love them, Excellent!

Hopefully, sunny tomorrow and delicious Baja shrimp tacos. Stay well brother!

• Indy Daryl checked in Monday with a solid report that touched on a couple of topics, but Indy Daryl of "Do Hard Things" fame is always here to help the readers of this great community, including Ryan H., the farmer who lives upriver from me here in Northwest Ohio:

Daryl writes:

What a weekend! The ending to the Bills Chiefs even had Mrs. Do Hard Things, who only likes sports because I like them (she would say learning to like sports should be classified as a ‘hard to do’), constantly looking up from her book as we watched together on the couch. She might have even exclaimed “wow” more than twice! And of course, congrats on the Bengals; was a pleasure to watch Joe Burrow keep coming back for more punishment, sack after sack. He was like the Rocky of QBs on Saturday!

A couple of other follow-ups:

For Ryan H: I would suggest Munising, MI. It is a super small, sleepy town right on the shores of Lake Superior with immediate access to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. There any number of hike available and the views are incredible. Can do an AirBnB or easily find campgrounds available. The town has a couple of good breweries and the food was surprisingly awesome. Highly recommend.

For you: I love the duckpin bowling idea to spend time with your kiddos. Having been a couple of times that is a great time. Hope you get that strike soon!

We ended up deciding to do something slightly different: family membership to the local bouldering gym! My daughter started climbing through her school’s climbing club and loved it. The last two Saturdays have been an awesome time watching the 11yo progress to harder and harder routes and seeing the 6yo figure out his strengths. No, I haven’t been climbing in at least 15 years. Yes, my hands are incredibly sore. Yes, it feels weird and I am definitely not good. But man has it been an awesome family outing.

Keep up the great work go Bengals!!!


A bouldering gym! Now that's an awesome idea. I've been looking for something to keep my son busy and release the 9-year-old energy he uses on our banister.

I have an entire list of notes jotted down from Indy Daryl suggestions. Add another one to the list!

• Brandon C. has a suggestion for farmer Ryan H.:

Saw the screencaps note today for Ryan H looking for Michigan suggestions... I'm going to assume he means summer /early fall and "mid-Michigan winery" as in Traverse City is between the Upper and Lower Peninsula, but please remind him that no one calls that area "mid-Michigan". "MidMichigan" is basically Midland (Dow Chemical, yay!) to Mt Pleasant (Fire up go Chips, and Tribal Casinos) to Muskegon (Go Wisconsin to Michigan ferry, I guess?).

Lots of hard cider orchards, but not really a touristy spot since that's Michigan's farmland for the most part. Need to go a couple more hours north to either TC (more cosmopolitan, think boutique stores and winery tours and good restaurants) or the Sunrise Side (Alpena / Rogers City / Cheboygan-- more "classic up north" smaller towns, hotels and lakeside BnB's / Airbnb options, fishing, golf, cabin in the woods type places). 

Anyway, for Traverse City, the basic suggestion is to stay as close to downtown Traverse City as possible-- everything's walkable, and the winery tours into Old Mission Peninsula are daily and frequent and save you the DUI potential. Tons of Airbnb options, but a nice option that's right on the East bay with a good beach, nice hotel rooms, and not too pricey is the Bayshore Resort in TC. I'd stay away from Grand Traverse Resort, too pricey for what you get. If he wants more rural, check out Glen Arbor, Suttons Bay, or even an AirBnB right on the Old Mission Peninsula. The bay is super swimmable from June through mid-September, and there are kayaking, wind boarding, paddleboarding, parasailing rental companies all over town. 


And with that, I'm off and running today. The sun is out. The driveway is melting. It's time to have a strong Tuesday as we inch one day closer to Joe Burrow ending the season for Jackson Mahomes and Brit Brit.

Have a great day.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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