Hooters Karlie Is Back On A Beach, Kentucky LB Has Six Fingers & Vols Fans Pelt Kiffin

Are you ready for a possible Cincinnati-Ohio State Final Four game with a trip to the national title on the line?

What did we learn from Saturday across college football? Oklahoma has its quarterback that just might go on a Johnny Manziel-like run over the next 6-7 weeks. Caleb Williams didn't miss much last night in his first official start for the Sooners. He finished 18 of 23 for 295 yards passing and four touchdowns while rushing nine times for 66 yards and a touchdown.

Exactly, that's a Manziel line.

Granted, Williams did his damage against the 99th ranked defense in college football, but still, it was a freshman slinging it, running around, smiling, having fun, and the crowd going nuts for the 18-year-old.

Oklahoma has its quarterback and we officially have a five-team dogfight for four spots in the college football final four. The big question is whether the TV suits will figure out a way to eliminate Cincinnati when it runs the table with a schedule that offers up No. 23 SMU in late November and not much else besides Navy's rushing attack next Saturday.

Other questions that remain:

• Which Big Ten East team is going to come out of the next 6-7 weeks unscathed? The schedule lines up for Michigan State with home games against Michigan and Penn State, and a road game to Ohio State.

• Will injured Penn State QB Sean Clifford survive the season?

• How bad would Bama beat Cincinnati?

• How bad would Georgia beat the Big Ten representative?

• What would Caleb Williams vs. Georgia look like?

• Is Lane Kiffin about to run the table and get Ole Miss into the top six?

The great news for college football is that NIL didn't kill the sport, Spencer Rattler cashed in before losing his job and there are so many emotional basement/garage nights to come. I had the garage speaker set to the Georgia game as I was preparing trim to be sanded and painted. Even though it wasn't the best CFB card of the fall, it felt like the CFB season started yesterday. Leaves were blowing around. Dark clouds. The kids shooting each other with darts. The dog hauling ass around the front yard.

Inject more Saturdays like that right into my veins.

• Jess in Alabama writes:

Here are a couple of good ones from GameDay today (second photo is the sign on the far left). There was also a “Foxtrot Juliet Bravo” one that made me laugh.

And a quick off-the-beaten-path restaurant recommendation: Purple Onion in Saluda, NC. Excellent food, atmosphere, and live music.

Thanks for the great content!

• Chris D.L. is all over this subject of baseball dragging on so long it puts most of us to sleep:

I don't consider myself a casual fan or need. I'm just a guy that loves baseball. I still recall fondly the days of going to Red Sox opening day games with my dad and grandpa, just the sights, smells, and sounds were great. The game certainly has manifested itself into a drag of sorts. I blame owners, TV, and Manfred. This is what they wanted more Ads and home runs and that leads to more strikeouts and pitches thrown in a game. 

All they need is a 30-second ad between innings and stop glorifying the deep ball and it will trickle down to the kids who will learn again to put the ball in play more often. People idolize the Joey Gallo of the game who struck out 213 times this season while hitting 38 home runs whereas Ted Williams in '41 hit 37 home runs and only struck out 27 times. 

Right there you see the difference in the games and length of time. But as long as Manfred is in charge this will never end.

Thank you and your Screencaps are phenomenal.

• Have I ever mentioned how I need more TVs? Holy crap Saturday had me needing 20 TVs. The golf in Vegas has had my full attention the last three days, ESPN+ is loaded with hockey games that I find myself enjoying because they move so fast. I can watch a hockey game in what feels like two hours, 30 minutes and move on to another one. Then you had the college football slate. Again, it wasn't great, but there's just so much content to consume. My head was spinning.

• Douglas J. in Omaha has several restaurant recommendations in a variety of locations spread across this great country:

I have a few restaurants to throw on the list.  The first has been an all-time favorite for our family and we found it 20 years ago when I started my military career in Columbus, Mississippi.  This is where I first tried and fell in love with Red Beans and Rice.  If you can find Profits Porch in this town, you will have had a small adventure driving through the backwoods and swamps of Mississippi.  If a business thrives based on location, location, location….you know this food you are about to eat is going to be amazing because you are in the middle of nowhere.  Don’t forget to save room for the chocolate chess pie for dessert.  We have driven many miles and hours out of our way just to stop and eat here in the years since we found this gem.

If you happen to find yourself in the Black Hills of South Dakota to do some hiking, exploring the Badlands and Mt Rushmore; make sure to take a side trip out to Deadwood.  Visit that fun old western town and then drive 15 minutes into the hills to The Cheyenne Crossing restaurant.  Another place off the beaten path with amazing food.  We only had breakfast, but it was delicious.  Get there early if you want to try there huge tasty cinnamon rolls.  They will sell out.

If you are ever in Omaha, Block 16 can be found easily in downtown.  This place never disappoints.  Get there early if you want to try the daily special.  Also, don’t forget to order a side of Dragon Fries.  

We found this one on our drive back from our Mackinac Island trip last weekend.  We stopped at Christie Creme in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  It closes down in a few weeks for winter, so make sure it is open but it is the perfect place to grab a cold treat and the end of a long road trip or long day at work.  They make a different sherbet flavor every day that you can add to your vanilla or chocolate twist cone or just by itself.  Tons of other shakes and treats to choose from this unique place that has been open since 1954.

My all-time favorite can be found just down the hill from Purdue University.  The Triple XXX Family Restaurant.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it is a fantastic diner.  Drew Brees used to eat there all the time when he was QB for Purdue.  The best is the Triple XXX root beer.  Buy a case to take home with you and buy some of the Triple XXX root beer jelly they make.  Put that on your kids PB&J and they will think you are the coolest parent ever.  All the food I have ever eaten there has been excellent.  Bon appetite.

Keep killin it, Joe!

• And let's get one more mom & pop/backroad recommendation in here from Jeff McH.

Royer’s has the food quality you would find in fine big-city restaurants (and admittedly some of the prices to match) but is located on a tiny town square in Round Top, TX near Austin; it is one of the smallest towns in Texas, population 91. 

I’ve included their website with history and menu below (note especially the dinner/pie menu).  I addition to lunch and dinner they have two things that are must-have: the best fried chicken (Sundays until they run out) and homemade pies you’ve ever eaten.   Just take a look at that list and tell me you don’t feel a diabetic coma coming on….


• Let's have a strong Sunday. Enjoy those football games and keep your fingers crossed that my Bengals don't choke away what should be an easy win in Detroit.

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