Hooters Karlie Enjoying Summer, Tony Stewart Has Lost Pounds & Peyton's Big HOF Night

That was yet another great weekend of barely opening social media apps

I don't know how some of you do it. Here in northern Ohio, we just went through one of the most beautiful weekends I can remember and yet there I was Sunday opening up social apps to get ready for the work week and what did I find? That's right, people bitching at each other. Fighting over COVID. Fighting over masks. Fighting in general. Darren Rovell claiming he was masked up all day at an amusement park only to have people repost photos of D not masked at the amusement park.

And these bitching sessions break out at like 3 ET on a Sunday. It's bizarre. I was in the pool at 3 throwing a football with my son, watching the other one get used to swimming and all the while soaking up the 95-degree heat index. That was after playing 18 holes with my middle-aged friends on a Sunday morning, which was followed up with some group Keno and some laughs at the 19th hole.

This country has a bad problem with the inability to find happiness. People furious with the Sturgis rally. People furious that people are furious over Obama's hypocritical elite birthday party. On and on and on. Day after day after day.

Folks, get some air. Get some sun. Get in the water. Have a drink on a patio listening to the cardinals chirp. Listen to the crickets. Just don't turn on the apps at 3 p.m. on a beautiful Sunday in August.

• I was so happy to hear Peyton Manning drop this line about Ray Lewis rambling on during a Hall of Fame speech. It takes me back to 2018 when I had a HOF media pass and I ended up at Ray's press conference. That's where I asked Ray if he had talked to Terrell Owens about using his speech time allotment because T.O. was boycotting the HOF and if he could just use it anyway.

The Twitter blue checkmark media elites -- mostly TV reporters -- looked at me and scoffed at the question. They were furious that I would ask such a thing and not throw Ray some softball about what that jacket means to his life.

Look at what the big headline was out of that media scrum:

This is me hiding behind a wall in case Ray tried to kill me. The key to asking a tough question to a guy who was alleged to have murdered two guys in Atlanta is to make sure you have an escape plan.

I figured Ray's 4.5 speed would be hindered by the HOF screen and I would have a 9-10 step head start on him. It turns out Ray loved the question, and the blue checkmarks were wrong yet again. Suck it, checkmark elites.

• Joey P. writes:

Hi Joe. Who do you think will win the N.L. East in MLB this year; Philadelphia, New York, or Atlanta?

Joey P. asked the wrong guy about baseball, but I'll tackle the subject as best I can. The Phillies lead the East with the Braves two out and the Mets 2 1/2 out. Of those teams, the Mets have the hardest remaining schedule -- strength of schedule .515 winning percentage. The Phillies have the easiest remaining schedule -- .458 winning percentage -- in Major League Baseball. Atlanta has the 25 easiest remaining schedule.

I'm taking the Phillies to win the East. They have the lead, and the schedule lines up. Of course, I'm no expert here and I welcome Braves fans to tell me how wrong I am -- joekinsey@gmail.com

• Saturday I wrote about how my wife and I are in the process of creating a home office now that it appears the 'VID has changed things on a permanent level. Don McC. wrote in on this subject and mentions how yet again Shaq doesn't miss when he gets involved with a company:

My wife also works from home as a result of last year's shutdowns and I'm off to our local OfficeMax to upgrade the office chair she currently has at her home office desk. Figured I'd splurge and pick up one of the "Executive" models which were designed and marketed by none other than Shaquille O'Neal! We took a look at them yesterday and sat in one...I have to say, Shaq's a helluva businessman in addition to appearing to be an all-around, great guy. The chair is super comfortable and looks to be built very well.

• Here's something I thought you guys would enjoy. Saturday we were driving near the Detroit airport when this guy pulled up next to us. Just a little something to amuse you on a Monday morning. Have a great week.

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