Hooters Emily Is Poised For A Huge 2023, Donna Kelce Crushing A Bud Light & Where Is Ronnie The Roughneck Now?

An anonymous Screencaps retiree is taking on a new job -- he's working The Masters in order to get inside the gates for the first time in his life

I've been saving this story for a couple of weeks until the Super Bowl stuff slowed down. Today, with Tiger set to play a golf tournament, I want to introduce you to a reader who must remain anonymous to protect his job security, who will be working a paying job at the 2023 Masters Tournament in order to get inside the gates to experience just a little bit of The Masters.

Anonymous doesn't need the job. He WANTS the job. I'll allow him to explain.

• Anonymous writes:

I’ve been meaning to give you a heads up since so much has been discussed about bucket list items, life stories and non-stop golf references. I’m one of those white hair retiree boomers you referenced this morning.

I'm someone who has been on the Masters lottery carousal for some time now with no luck. So, I decided to take the bull by the horns. I applied for a job at Augusta National during Masters week. Yes, anybody can apply, it’s on their website.

It’s VERY thorough as you are an EMPLOYEE and not a volunteer so I’m sure all sorts of legal issues come into play. Now, the pay is not a whole lot ($10-$15/HR depending on your job) but it is enough to cover my rental since you will work 10-14 hours a day. But, we all know that we are not there for the pay.

You have to be available all week (Saturday April 1st through Sunday April 9th), have your own accommodations (thank you air BNB), do a virtual interview and pass background checks etc. I’ll try and do my best to pass on any details as that time draws closer that may be of interest. It was kinda cool this morning to get an email from ANCC announcing that we are 60 days away from Masters Monday.


Wednesday, I received an update from Anonymous with what appears to be his job title for the week. What's not clear for Anonymous is the exact numbers of hours he'll be working or what his experience will be like after his work hours are over.

Will he be able to catch a group come up 18? Will he get 30 minutes to walk the grounds? Will he be escorted off the premises without touching the greenest turf in golf history?

Guys, the 2023 Masters will be about more than the action on the course. It'll also be about one Screencaps reader's journey inside the gates after so many years of being rejected for tickets.

These are the stories I live for and the stories that keep bringing readers back.

Screencaps appreciation and a long job title you don't see very often

• Mark C. in Massachusetts writes:

Your dedication and column are appreciated more than I can describe! I click refresh on Outkick.com at least least 5 times around 9am-9:15am looking forward to the chat you bring us everyday!

I am a TNML Sticker carrying member of your fine community and the reason for reaching out is in response to Caleb S. and his question which was, "name a job or occupation that most folks have never heard of?"  This sparked my thoughts and made me decide to write to you and the SC folks... 

All have heard of these professions but my title is as follows; I am a Commercial Construction Estimator, PM & Clerk as well as a Landlord & Property Operations Manager in Boston MA.  (Put that on a Business Card!) Anyways, you give me levity when everything else seems to be crashing in on me.  It's a lot to manage but manageable it is. I thank you and all the advice I get from each morning on Screencaps!


Mark, as OutKick's Senior Director of Content and Screencaps For Real America!, my only advice here with the job title is to talk your boss into including "Senior" or "Analytics" somewhere in that string of words. Talk about a pay raise!

You're damn right I puff out my chest when I walk into a sporting event with "Senior" in my title (new readers can relax, it's a fake title given to me by a reader's HR lady at the bank he works at).

RIP Raquel Welch

• Chris from Orange County, California, who promises "where not everyone is a lib lib," writes:

I saw this pic of Raquel Welch today (RIP) and look at that belly button! She was just about the hottest woman in the world for a decade and I doubt anyone was complaining about her BB. Hildee rocks.

Enough of Gracie Hunt

• Mark writes:

As a daily reader I had to finally write in and call a significant reduction (if not end) to Gracie Hunt appearing in Screencaps! The last 2 months of daily pics and stories on a spoiled brat and  Hollywood wannabe has put me over the top. Has this girl ever done anything? Married? Never see her with a significant other. There are so many other beautiful women posted everyday. Keep them coming! But even with certain beautiful women a man can only take so much of the phoniness! Love your work. Keep us regular guys wanting more not less!


Mark, see my statement in Wednesday Screencaps. Trust me, I'm done with Gracie Hunt. She had her run, but all great Screencaps careers come to an end when the mainstream media starts pumping out 30 posts per week on former Screencaps models.

Remember the Cabin Fever Days photos sent in by Todd Z.? Turns out he wasn't alone in capturing the content

Those of you who've enjoyed the Montana photos in the travel section might be aware of the work of Andy Austin. He's the guy behind many of those photos and this weekend he was in Kalispell with his camera shooting the barstool races.

Great American events

• Andrew N. in Michigan writes:

The Barstool Races out in Montana that you were in today's Screencaps reminded me of something similar here in Michigan.

Not sure if you have ever heard of the Trenary Outhouse Classic. Folks let off some winter boredom putting outhouses on skis and racing each other in Trenary, Michigan (up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula). 

They break down the divisions by age and I think the names are hilarious - Squirts (5-8 years), Squeakers (9 -12), Dingleberries (13-17), Stinkers (18 to 35), Da Sharts (36-49), and Old Farts (50+).

I could see an entry from the Thursday Night Mowing League having an absolute blast. If drinking Busch Lights and racing outhouses isn't American, then I don't know what is anymore.


Someone will have to represent Screencaps in Trenary, MI next weekend because I'm already booked for an indoor golf tournament run by Screencaps vet, Diesel.

However, this looks like a blast.

Screencaps Does America

• Ben B. writes:

Absolutely loved the Barstool Race featured in Screencaps this morning. It led me to an idea I think we need: A Diners Drive-In and Dive style show where leader of screencaps, Joe Kinsey, visits all the random, yet awesome, events that happen across our great nation. Put it on Fox Nation and everyone in Screencaps is instantly streaming. Let us know when you want to work on the pitch for the higher ups and we will all pitch in on the powerpoint. Plus, this is a hell of a way for you to get more skill endorsements for LinkedIn. 

America isn't the only place to run these types of events. Have the T's chime in, but every little town in Tuscany has a version of this too. One town does a wine barrel race, another a wheel of cheese. The grandaddy of them all is Sienna's Contrada. It's been going on for hundreds of years and is serious business for the locals. 

What all of these events, American or international, have in common is: 1. Nobody that isn't local has any clue what it's about 2. They are only ever an excuse to party and celebrate your town and 3. Everybody agrees they are awesome despite their lack of knowledge. 

You could easily get three seasons out of this show. Barstool race, wiffle ball tournament, etc. I'll even throw in the Mullet Toss that happens at the Flora 'Bama. It's literally an event on the beach where you drink, eat, and throw a mullet (the fish, not the hairdo) over the state lines of Florida and Alabama. 

This isn't the content we want, Joe. It's the content we need. 


Ben, thank you for the suggestions. My goal this summer is to find the very best Wiffle ball tournament in the United States. Nothing fires up people on social media like when I call the Wren, OH Warehouse Tournament the best in the U.S. There's strong competition out of Michigan -- I think it's in Kalamazoo.

And then there's a tournament in Illinois that has made headlines in the past. The Michigan tournament has been on my radar because it's for the neighborhood kids and there are like 300 kids that participate. My brain is foggy this morning, but I seem to remember the father who puts on the tournament donates everything even down to the food. I need to see that tournament.

Andy in Knoxville is thankful for all the travel advice

• Andy is officially ready to get out on the road for his big year of work travel thanks to the old road dawgs who gave him such incredible advice:

Just writing a quick note to say thanks to the Screecaps community for coming through with the travel advice!  I had no doubt that they would come through and man did they deliver.  So much wisdom accumulated in one community, this is what you have built and I am happy to be part of it.

Also, thanks for addressing something that I was asking for years: what the heck are all of those Instagram models looking at?!  What is so interesting off camera? They all do it...now we know, and knowing is half the battle.

Thanks again and keep crushing it.

Does Heineken taste different in Italy?

• Jacob B. has a question for the Ts:

Has Mike T reported back on if the Heineken taste different over there? I’ve heard the rumors but interested if it actually taste different.

Mike T. responds:

Haven’t tried Heineken personally, but a friend on the way over to visit us tried one in Copenhagen and said it was fantastic!


There you go, Jacob. Sounds like the Heineken is just fine in Europe. Perhaps another world traveler out there would like to add come further commentary.

Speaking of the Ts, Mike T. went straight to the heart of Mayor Pete with this photo

It's a delivery truck in Rome, Italy!

An 'old man' on new phones

• Brian J. has something to say about all these new phones, including what seems to be a new foldable phone from Apple:

Put me in the phone dinosaur class. I have an iPhone 6s, only because my old iPhone SE (2016 version) crapped the bed back in 2021.  When this one either dies or is unsupported, I already know the replacement - the 2020 iPhone SE. It should be about $100 unlocked by then. Still has that home button and isn't the size of a small parking lot.  

My screen time is usually under an hour a day. I do email, text, talking, podcast, music. That's about it. Oh, and sending Venmo to the kids. I don't take more than 1-2 pictures a month. Everyone else I hang with (friends, GF, kids, parents, siblings, etc) all have at least iPhone 12's or newer. They laugh at me. I laugh at them when we watch something on TV, something happens, and they say "what happened, I missed it!"

Try watching Stranger Things with someone not paying attention. It takes 2 hours to watch an episode. They are so consumed with their phones. I guess to each their own. And don't even get me started on people who pay lots of money to go to a game or concert, and then spend half of it with their phone out taking video, or even watching their kids sports games on a small screen when they're there in person. My recording device is my brain. I lived it, I don't need to prove to anyone else I did. Guess I've got a little Jimmy Buffet in me...I might not be a pirate, but maybe I was born 200 years too late. 


This brings me to a question: What's the psychology behind humans recording basic sporting event moments? Are we doing it for ourselves to prove that we were there? Are we hoping to get some footage that ESPN cameras (all 75 of them) didn't catch? Are we doing it as a humblebrag on social media? Or are we just about documenting moments in time and it's like we're all holding VHS cameras?

What's the best piece of sports or concert footage you've ever recorded?

Thanks to Bill J. for sparking a conversation.

I swear these months fly by. It feels like I was just saying how January is ending and here we are on the other side of February with just two Saturdays remaining until March Madness.

Go have an incredible day of work -- or of retirement for those of you who put in your time and are now blowing through the retirement funds.

Remember, Tiger's on the course today. We don't know how many more of these we'll get so cherish every second of it.

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