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Finding your very own healing waters

Monday, after I returned from Up North® and the golf trip, I challenged readers to go find their own healing waters like those that have carved their way through the golf courses of northern Michigan. 

- Galen from the Johnson City, TN gang responded right away: 

Good to have you back in the saddle while SeanJo did an admirable job in your absence.

Healing Waters struck a chord as we have some of the best here in East Tennessee right at our doorstep. My favorite is Watauga Lake as it is bordered by the Cherokee National Forest on one side, meaning it will never be developed, and the Appalachian Trail running along the northwestern edge.

Whether you are kayaking, boating, fishing, or camping it is nothing but clean, cool water, and forested land around you…healing indeed!


My dad checked in Monday morning after a LONG trip home from the healing waters of Kabinakagami Lake in Ontario where they damn near hit a moose on the way up last week, then went out and caught over 1,000 fish between two two-man boats and then got delayed by dense fog on the float plane flight out. 

My dad in his Tennessee gear he's had for probably 30 years from one of his trips. He's known to wear random gear that he's had for multiple decades. Dad and his buddy Mike caught 612 walleye and pike between the two of them over 5 ½ days of fishing: 

Best places for a Staycation this summer according to Wallethub

- Mike T. in Idaho sent over this one: 

The full list.

Fremont, California is the worst city for a Staycation, for those of you keeping track at home. Pearl City, Hawaii and Irving, Texas are also at the bottom. 


NW Ohio/Toledo was 93rd. 

I can take the kids to a Toledo Mud Hens game, Cedar Point and on a chartered Lake Erie fishing boat over three days and get a tee time pretty much any time I want at a ridiculously cheap rate. 

I'm good right here for a nice staycation.  

Mailbag: Which team should've won a championship over a period of time?

- Zach asks: 

What sports team, (college or pro), are you surprised has never won a championship in a certain period of time?  For instance, my pick would be the Carolina Hurricanes of the last 5 years.  Always favorites to win the Cup in that time frame, yet haven't even won a conference title.


I'm going to go a little bit out of my comfort zone and say the Charles Barkley Phoenix Suns. Now, I get that Barkley's timing was poor due to the Chicago Bulls dynasty, but of all the years to flame out in the Western Conference semifinals after blowing a 2-0 lead against the Rockets, the Suns picked 1994 when Michael Jordan is off playing baseball in Birmingham.  

The Supersonics, who lost just 19 games that year, were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. It was Chuck's year until it wasn't.  

Am I the only married guy out there who doesn't care about video games who is married to a woman who really cares about video games?

Typically, I don't think about this topic because I'm so used to this life as the non-gamer (outside of Golf+ on Metaquest here and there) in the house, but last night it hit me — my kids get their Fortnite fix with their mother. 

This isn't some inferiority complex. I'm perfectly fine with Mrs. Screencaps taking on the alpha role of leading battles with the boys. My brain doesn't work on video games. I'm content in life without them. I know thousands of you are hooked on them. 

I just want to know if there are others who share this marriage dynamic. 

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

Old Pizza Huts that have been transformed

- Eric points to this one in Fremont, OH that he spotted: 


If you see a transformed Pizza Hut, Screencaps wants to know about it. If you've been to a chain restaurant that the rest of us thought was dead, we want to hear about it. 

I have no idea if these places still exist. If so, tell us how they're holding up: 

  • Old Country Buffet
  • Bennigan's
  • Fuddruckers
  • Quaker Steak & Lube
  • TGI Fridays
  • Chi-Chi's
  • Ponderosa

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

Exotic Wood Guy

- David P. in New Braunfels, TX asks a question that might be the most-asked question in Screencaps history: 

I was hoping you could share the contact info for the exotic wood guy if you have it or are willing to share.  I don't remember.  Have friends with sources for teak and other hardwoods.  May not be what he needs, but thought it was worth a call or email.

Many thanks for Screencaps.


Exotic Wood Guy is Mike in Pasadena. I have forwarded David's message to Mike. If he's not in some South American jungle, I'm sure he'll get back to David to answer exotic wood questions. 

Thanking the veterans

- Jim C. writes: 

Hi, Joe, just a short message from a (non combat vet) re: how to thank our vets so they are not offended.

After reading other comments I never thought some would be critical, so in the future I will tell them "Thank you for protecting my freedom "

Maybe others will change their ways of thanking them.

Thanks for all you do.

Can anyone beat this Vegas story? I'll keep you anonymous

Based on the travel chatter I'm seeing on social media, Tennessee should be at the top of the leaderboard due to how many fans will be in Omaha

Keep in mind the maniacs from LSU ordered 68,888 shots last year. That's the number Tennessee will have to beat. I don't think it'll happen, but I'm willing to be proven wrong. 


That's it this morning. It feels like this one is loaded down. Keep the ‘Healing Waters’ messages coming. Tell the rest of us about those waters, where they're at, what you do when you get to the healing waters and where you're finding your summer relaxation. 

Now go have a great day. 

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