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It's during these long, dark winter days when you need to be talked off the ledge with your bucket list

This morning, the topic of bucket lists popped up on the group text exchange and it got me thinking about bucket list items people thought about for years and then it turned out to be a huge dud. Since there are tens of thousands of Screencaps readers with a wide variety of experiences, I'm excited to see what you guys have to say about those experiences that fell flat.

The question here is simple: "What's the most overrated bucket list item you've experienced?"

Personally, it was attending the Super Bowl. The game itself. I was at Super Bowl 50. Peyton's final game. Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars at halftime. Thank God the game ticket was via Bud Light or I would've been kicking myself. Yes, I'm grateful to have the experience, but between the hours-long drive from downtown San Francisco to Levi's Stadium and a very basic NFL game on the field, it is now perfectly fine to watch the game at home.

And for those of you who think the halftime show is some massive concert experience, trust me, it's completely underwhelming and specifically made for TV. Fans in the stands are up walking around getting beers, the sound is terrible and you can't really see anything going on with the show.

Save your money.

The College Football Championship in boring NFL mega-stadiums is right up on the overrated list, as well.

Oh, and a Bob Dylan live set. It wasn't a huge bucket list item, but I understood the nostalgia associated with seeing him live. Then he mumbled through his set and it was a completely brutal experience.

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Screencaps old timers remember Don Larsen's perfect game

• Charles F. writes:

I had a similar experience to Mike V’s father:  I played sick so I could watch the game on a tv in my bedroom.  However, my mother was very strict and knew something was up and said If I was so sick I could not watch tv but I could listen to the radio.

Which I did up until the ninth inning when I begged and pleaded so hard my mom relented and let me watch the ninth inning.  I can stick remember the last pitch when Yogi ran out and hugged Larsen and wrapped his legs around Larsen’s waist.


The marketing experts would do an audit on Screencaps and tell me to stop engaging with the old timers if I want Screencaps to be popular with the ad agencies who don't care about the retirees who share stories from October 8, 1956.

Zig when they zag, folks.

I'll keep saying it. Give me 10,000 Charles F.'s over some Gen Z. turds who have the attention span of a two-year-old.

Not a day goes by when Screencaps readers -- typically the white hairs retiree Boomers -- slide into the email inbox to tell me how thankful they are for a spot on the Internet to talk life and share their experiences. And I'm thankful for each and every one of those Boomers. Screencaps is such a beautiful place for them to spend some time versus that Facebook cesspool where so many of you have been forced into using as a spot to reminisce about life.

Screw Facebook!

I want those life stories. I want you telling the Gen Xers, the Millennial Chris Bs in Bowling Green & the Gen Z TikTokers about living life. This is the last vestige on the Internet where you can act like a Real American.

Pass the word to your buddies who are down in the dumps about life on the Internet. They need Screencaps in their lives.

Speaking of advertisers and marketing campaigns, what's going on with 'Hims' and 'Hers' ad buys?

• Millennial Mike B. writes:

I’ve noticed that commercials that run on Hulu are mostly for meal prep services, dating apps, or HIV drugs. I’ve never needed, wanted, or googled any of these OR watched shows pertaining to these subjects!

The thing that is the most striking are the commercials for “Hers”, the female counterpart to “Hims” the online prescription company. Their first spokeswomen was J-Lo, then Kristin Bell, now…This big girl is prancing around in her skimps and it’s repulsive. Why is this being shoved down our throats as beautiful? Do my loins and eyes deceive me and I’m supposed to find this attractive?!


I watched the commercial Millennial Mike is referencing and For Hers is pimping anti-depressants via this woman. "Taking anti-depressants, I realized, 'Oh, this is peace, this is joy,'" the woman says on the commercial spot.

Remember, the ad agency determines the audience it's trying to sell to and then it picks people that reflect the person on the other side. There are millions of biggun' ladies on the other side of that TV, tablet, phone or billboard who see themselves in that advertisement. Then they're told to take this pill and they'll find peace and joy.

Boom, problem solved.

The Lib Libs

• Miles O. writes on a popular topic around here thanks to Lib Lib Judd F.'s attempt to infiltrate the community:

I don’t golf, sail, coach kids sports, drink bourbon or beer (only infrequently), but I view Screencaps as a getaway each morning after viewing the depressing news. I turn to my favorite sports sites and then Outkick to try to wash away the filth of politics.

On that note, Screencaps should be declared a libturd-free zone. F@CK the lib libs trying to sneak into our little corner of the interwebs. They are stupid enough to want to destroy our country and our way of life and I have no sympathy for them.

My wife’s family is infested with several of the moronic idiots and we don’t talk politics whenever we are forced to be around them, which thankfully isn’t very often. So please for the love of God and all that is holy, ban or block the libtards attempting to corrupt your little piece of interwebs heaven.

The Art of Having Higher Ground

• Louie in Savannah, GA writes:

The higher ground is not just a benefit in stadium brawls, but also in Nerf Battles.  Let me paint you a picture of the scene.... Beautiful Saturday afternoon, neighborhood kids running wild, dogs all out playing too, adults congregated in the yard having beverages, Normand Rockwell like atmosphere.  I then heard my youngest yelling from the second floor window and snapped this pic right before he began shooting Nerf RPGs down at his brother and friends.  Absolutely Hilarious at the time, glad I got to snap a photo and figured CAPS Nation would enjoy, especially those with sons.  lol

Sidenote, screen is missing from window due to needed porch roof repair because of water damage caused by a building error.  The builder is now in the process of repairing, Hooray Adulthood!  At least they are fixing it at no cost to me (well besides the purchase cost of the house).

I also got the sad email from Youtube TV today.  I am actually bummed, my oldest loves baseball and we watch MLB Network just about every night during the season for a few minutes before he goes to bed; game or "live look-ins".  I may have to spring for the MLB package now since as you know, Youtube TV doesn't carry local mlb games.  I used to complain about how expensive Directv was but with all these different streaming services we need to subscribe to now, it's just about the same price.  Welcome to entertainment in 2023... lol

Going to have to tip one back tonight for Brady officially hanging it up, for real this time.  Lots of great memories revolving around him, from late teens to watching him win his last Lombardi Trophy with my wife and sons.  I remember being a sophomore in college and watching on tv in my apartment when Moe Lewis nearly decapitated Drew Bledsoe and Tom stepped in.  What a ride it was....

Keep the great content rolling, I may be reaching out again soon with suggestions from the community on a new riding mower.  Going to have to see how the tax man treats me, I am not optimistic.  LGB/ FJB

Work from home alert and life advice

• Larry H. sent an email warning me to be careful with standing desks:

Sorry, I have to butt in with my thoughts on a standing desk. As a pharmacist retired after a 40 year career, 30 years of which was spent in retail standing up to 15 hours a day and anywhere from  56 to 82 hours per week I have to say HELL NAH.

The memories of the painful feet and legs and pain in the shoulders and back still haunt me to this day. The fatigue mats helped some, but not nearly enough. The last 10 years of my career was spent in a non-retail environment where I spent many hours sitting at a desk with many hours also walking and standing on a concrete floor.

The combination of sitting with frequent breaks to walk actually works best. My suggestion would be to have both a sitting and a standing desk side by side or perhaps one of those desks that is easily raised and lowered to different heights. The two desk setup would require the use of a laptop easily moved from one to another. I personally do not like working on a laptop and much prefer a desktop, but I’m an old timer. You could probably work it out.

Hope you find your desk nirvana and live a long and happy internet column Grand Pooh Bah life. Thanks for all you do and BTW some unsolicited advice from a 69 year old grandpa, cut back on the alcohol and start running and exercising so you will be around to enjoy your grandchildren.


Wait until Larry gets a good look at the For Hers ad campaigns. Whew, Larry's not mincing words this morning.

The car buying experience in 2023

• Jason S. in Virginia writes:

Read this morning’s Caps and wanted to share my recent experience and impart what I have learned buying cars.

About 10 years ago my wife and I were buying her an Explorer and spent about 5 hours in the dealership getting the run around, etc.  After that horrible experience, I said never again.

Fast forward to today.  Up until recently, I had been driving one of those small crossover SUVs.  However my kids had outgrown my back seat.

I spent time researching what I wanted and decided on a 4Runner.  I picked one out at the Toyota website with the right colors and accessories.  I then selected the Toyota dealership I wanted to deal with.  I got a phone call in about a week from the dealership stating they found exactly what I wanted and that they can get it in about 3-4 weeks.  I put in a deposit over the phone and waited.

I got a call the week between Christmas and New Years that the car had arrived.  I spoke to the salesman about my trade info and worked out a price on it (middle of the road KBB, which is fine by me).  MSRP is kind of the going rate for new car purchases and that’s what they were charging me - don’t let them nail you with a surcharge.

I then called my local bank and arranged financing at a way better rate than the dealership could do.  On New Year’s Eve I rolled to the deanship with my down payment and the bank’s loan check and spent literally 30 minutes start to finish there.  It was overall an awesome experience.  BTW-shout to to McGeorge Toyota in Richmond.

So my advice is to figure out what you want and make a deposit to secure it.  Then work out 100% of the deal and financing before you set foot on the dealership lot.  Ideally you can do the deposit and work out the details all at once so if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t wasted too much time.

And there you go, we're already two days into February. The rodent says six more weeks of winter, but little does he know that it's going to be 50 here in a week.

Go have a great one at work today. You're just that much closer to that spring break golf trip you've had planned.

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