Hooters Anna Is Back With New Hair, Mike Gundy Has New Hair & Flagstaff Has Some Flooding Issues

It's raining again!

This is starting to get real annoying, fellas. We're facing yet another total washout of a day around here, and it couldn't come at a worse time as it's affecting the 8U playoff race and my patio nights after work. Mother Nature is going to mess around and wash out 3/4 of July as this wave of rain keeps running in a straight line from Lubbock to St. Louis to Indianapolis to Toledo and on up into western Ontario.

Now, I could complain like I've been doing the last few days, or I could adjust on the fly. The weekend plan is to adjust the mindset to garage beers. That's right, we're pivoting here. I'm going to get the head right, get things done that need done before football season and I'm going to turn a negative into a positive.

• I refuse to be sucked into the L.A. County indoor mask mandate. I can't remember the last time I put on a mask, and there's no reason to go back to thinking about it. Good luck to the people who are still based in Los Angeles for work/family reasons and can't leave. That's the only energy I can fire off on that subject.

• Hate the IRS? Imagine being this 25-year-old woman who has spent the last seven years fighting with the IRS to prove she's not dead. The government tax agency says it tends to "take some time to resolve" matters like this one. Now think of how long it takes the IRS to audit your ass when it wants its money. Not long.

• What a week for the NFL. News of Dwayne Haskins' wife knocking out his tooth makes headlines, and then Richard Sherman tries to break down his father-in-law's front door while on what appears to be a drunken rampage. Cowboys training camp opens Wednesday, July 21 and for some of these guys waiting to go off the rails, it couldn't come at a better time.

• Russ slid into the DMs Thursday and he's fired up at my TNML commissioner decision on cleaning up grass clippings on the roadways:

Joe, lovin the content on OutKick and the TNML is great. However, I must politely yet adamantly oppose the triviality with which you seem to disregard those of us “who live out in the country who blow grass out on the road and leave it”. There’s more to this than you burb dwellers may realize. It’s a safety issue.

For example, my house sits 200 yards off a state highway but my property has about 75 yards of frontage along said highway. There’s pines between the front yard (which I meticulously maintain) and the road but I still maintain the state’s right of way along the highway my property borders because the DOT guys have enough to do around here that any assistance I can provide is no problem (also their budget only allows for bi-annual mowing along the state highways in this area).

Most lawn tractors are right side discharge(here’s where safety comes into play) and you can’t very well cut the edge of a roadway, where the speed limit is 55 and folks regularly haul ass at 70+mph, traveling with the flow of traffic rendering your back to oncoming traffic just to avoid discharging clippings into the road. You simply must be able to see that oncoming traffic headed your way and that inevitably leaves the mower discharging clippings into the road. I admit it’s unfortunate but after a few passenger vehicles or one log truck and those clippings are scattered to the landscape and out of the roadway.

I would argue it isn’t that we are blowing the clippings into the highway as a part of the cleanup process but rather that’s an unavoidable consequence of trying to help out the state guys and also for my neighbors’ benefit whose homes are closer to the road than mine and would otherwise have to look at an eyesore of overgrown acreage that’s only bush hogged twice a year by the state road guys.

Now I will admit, that if some psychopath is using his blower to clean his yard and blows trimmings into the road that is despicable. But for those like me, who are just trying to do their part without becoming yet another vehicle/mower collision statistic, a little understanding would go a long way, not to mention some appreciation for going the extra mile wouldn’t hurt either.

Russ got me on this one. He's just trying to do the right thing, and he has traffic coming by that doesn't allow him to get out there and blow the clippings back onto his property. I get it. I drive those roads. My thinking was more based on two-lane country roads with minimal traffic. I'm thinking more along the lines of roads like Chicken Bristle Rd. near where I grew up where they may get 15 cars, five tractors and a couple motorcycles per day.

TNML Rules Book: Grass clippings

1a. League member should blow grass clippings back onto his/her property.

1b. League members on heavily trafficked state routes should side discharge onto the highway, get away from traffic as soon as possible because they're texting and driving and allow the trucks and cars to handle the blowing.

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