Hooters Alyssa Slinging Green Beers, Purdue Fan Is Extremely Sad & That's An Insane Pile Of Cheese On March Madness Nachos

How are we feeling about the YouTube price increase?

It figures that right when I make the change away from cable to YouTube, the streaming service ramps up its pricing and drops MLB Network, even though I don't care about MLB Network.

At least the YouTube executives were nice enough to give us a quad-box option for March Madness that will be useable for this weekend. That was a nice touch while they were jacking up rates by 12%.

How am I feeling about all this?

I'm definitely not a guy who loves cable price inflation, but I'm also a guy who wants to have the NFL Sunday Ticket in the fall, so I'm left no choice here and YouTube knows it. That's the power of the NFL. What am I going to do, go back to AT&T and kill my dreams of watching multiple NFL games across the man cave TV network? That's not happening, so I can either suck it up or bitch about it and switch. Enjoy that $8, YouTube. You sucked me in and now I'm willing to take a bullet/pay the price increase for those glorious Sundays in the bunker.

Oh, and I no longer need a cable box for the patio TV.

How are we feeling about the NCAA Tournament so far?

Major TNML sticker news

• Mike T. sent me a very important update this morning from his European bunker:

The 6 month lease on the Trusty Peugeot is coming to an end, so I had to remove the TNML sticker. The question, where should it go? After looking around Munich I found its new home. Just around the corner from the Marienplatz, on the way to the Hofbrauhaus. TNML sticker will be seen by thousands every day as this is a very busy street.

Seven countries and over 10,000 miles in Europe and the sticker was still in great shape!


What a run it was for the Ts and what a resting place for the TNML sticker that saw so much of what Europe has to offer. I couldn't ask for better supporters than the Ts who are what Screencaps is all about. They get the mission here. They support the mission. They live the mission.

As I sit here on a freeze your balls off Saturday morning in NW Ohio, it is my hope that the Winter of the Ts Across Europe served as some sort of inspiration to those of you out there who love to travel.

The constant T updates weren't some sort of conspiracy from the Ts to brag about their life on the run from Interpol. It was to be the European eyes and ears for what was going on across Europe this winter. I would've never known that small European towns have pizza kiosks where you can buy a pizza via an ATM machine.

Great job, Mike and Cindy T. You're Screencaps treasures.

Pizza Hut memories that will never die

I just want everyone to remember that the Pizza Hut coverage of the last couple of weeks IS NOT #sponsored. It's 100% natural. Now, I have worked with Pizza Hut on coverage during my past life pre-OutKick and I did attend the College World Series in 2017 when I nearly shredded my hamstring running the 40-yd dash during a Pizza Hut media event where they tested us for our athletic abilities.

It was also at that event where I had the privilege of hitting Wiffle balls thrown by Joe Carter and I got to throw footballs in front of Tom Osborn. Needless to say, were two huge athletic moments in my life.

However, the Hut stuff you're seeing in Screencaps is just me shooting the shit about brands of yesteryear. #notsponsored

• Aaron H. writes:

When we were in college, we would line our empty backpacks with aluminum foil and hit Pizza Hut buffet. We'd eat for a week.


The USDA suggests finishing off fridge pizza within four days, Aaron. I'm happy to hear that you're still alive while living like an absolute savage during your college years.

• Darren E. writes:

Pizza Hut has the mini, but Hardee’s has full size!


Had the full size, Darren.

Like the Pizza Hut minis, the Hardees basketballs sure didn't do much in the value department. You can buy the ACC basketball right now on eBay for $15.

All this talk about 1990s basketball nostalgia has me wondering what's actually gone up significantly in value from that era.


It turns out Pizza Hut red cups are on fire. #notsponsored

Help a fellow TNML member

• Chris A. needs advice:

I saw one of the TNML members had a mole problem in his yard this winter, and he said "that's what gets addressed first thing this spring". I would love to hear what he is going to do to address it, because I have the same mole (or vole) problem every winter. Yeah, the critter aerates my yard for free, but I would like to walk in my grass without turning an ankle. I have an acre and a half to maintain, BTW.

Stripes from space

• George M. in Louisiana writes:

I found my stripes are visible from google maps satellite view.

These were laid down with a Bobcat CT1025 and a 60" deck. 

That begs the question: Do you have to have a really big deck to see your stripes from space?

Tom Watson's advice on how to lower your golf scores

• MP from Staunton, VA is back after his Tuesday Night Mowing League suggestion which was promptly shot down like Purdue's NCAA hopes:

Here are some favorite practice tips from the legendary Tom Watson. Putting: putt to a tee. Hit some putts to a tee either sitting upon or stuck in a practice green. When you transition back to putting to an actual hole it will look like the Grand Canyon and your confidence will soar.

Another putting tip: when practicing 2 and 3 foot putts go for 30 in a row. It’s a great test for your stroke and your nerves especially when you get to putts 26-30!

Here are a couple of on the course practice tips: If you want to learn what shotmaking is really all about, play with six clubs: 3wood, 4iron, 6iron, 8iron, wedge, and putter. Or do the same thing with two clubs. Take your putter and the one club that gives you the most trouble. By having to hit that club tee to green for 18 holes, you’ll straighten out your problems in a hurry.

These tips and whole lot more can be found in an article called Painless Practice he did for Golf Magazine back in the day. Hope these tips help our 90s shooter aspiring to break 90! Once again, thanks for all the great stuff you do.


Now let's see if I can take these lessons to the indoor golf simulator tomorrow morning with two members of the text group: Diesel and Millennial Chris B. in Bowling Green.

That's it, I'm done for this morning and it's not 9 a.m. This feels amazing.

Enjoy those March Madness games. Enjoy those pre-Spring projects that need to be finished off before Patio SZN. This week, I bought a batting net for the boys. It's time for them to get into the lab and swing the bat a few times.

Have a great day across this incredible place we call home. Hopefully our banking system is still standing Monday morning.

Take care.

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