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The inbox lit up over the national state of tipping

Let's not waste any time. It's Friday. Tipping is out of control and Screencaps readers need to get some stress off their chests.

• Walt D. writes:

Loyal reader here.  Quick question.  I'm in the process of relocating from PA to FL so I spent a lot of time driving the past few months.  I noticed at about 50% of the gas stations I stop at to refuel there are people begging for gas money.  You don't see them right away but they approach you as you pump gas.  What is going on here?  Is it just me or is this more widespread?

• Rabbi Yehonatan writes:


Enjoy the article. Yet you never mentioned the history of why we give "tips."

There's the old fashion reason, that "tips" were given prior to actual services because it meant To Insure Proper/Prompt Service. That's the easy one. Then that evolved into showing appreciation for a service or server who went above and beyond the normal level of service for a customer.

This has become blurred because 1) there is no longer any semblance of "standard service" due to the "lake woebeggon" affect/syndrome, & the idea that since everyone is unique & there is no lo ger any concept of what is an acceptable minimum level or standard of service for whatever people need, want or use.

Our society has a big problem with comprehending the difference between selfish and self-centered. The first being a natural affectation of being an individual with survival instincts; & the latter being the birthplace of narcissistic personality deficiency (yes, narcissism is a personality deficiency because it excludes the interrelatedness of people being socially interconnected).

So now we have a perversion of necessity in that many people think that because they do a job, they "deserve" to get "tipped." I might add this attitude is also promoted by low-wages & inadequate training.

Have a good week. Be Well.

• Alex R. writes:

We were in Steamboat Springs last summer and 4 of us decided to go Fly fishing.  We booked a half-day trip with a guide company that our Hotel recommended and was well reviewed.  It was not cheap but that was expected, its a resort town and you have one guide for each pair total was around $1100.  I was fine with that, it was a great experience they drove us out of town a couple miles to a beautiful river we fished all morning, they provided the gear it was worth every dime.

But when we got back and were settling up the manager gave me the total and then said the guides usually get a 20% tip, PER guide.  20% of $1100 is alot and they expected 40%.  I was planning to tip the guide but I was not planning on an additional $400.  The guides were great and they knew their stuff and they took good care of us but cmon 40% on an $1100 tab was a bit much. 

We scrounged together the tip between the 4 of us because we didn't want to look like we were cheap but I will forever ask about tips before I do anything anymore so I know the real cost rather than getting put on the spot.

• John L. in Bovina Center, NY writes:

Hi Joe.  I love the column--although none of the IG girls can hold a candle to Emily Elizabeth!

Personally, the tip jars don't bother me at all.  Whenever I pick up a sandwich at the general store I put a dollar in the jar.  The folks are great and we know each other by name.  I always did the same at my old coffee shop, plus a lot more at Christmas time.  As a recent transplant from urban Northern New Jersey, tipping contractors is also the norm for me.  For the guy who just finished re-siding part of my house, I added $100 to his final payment.  And the guy who spent an afternoon painting it and charged only $100, I insisted on giving him $150.  Nobody asked for it, but they worked hard, did a great job, and I will hire them again.

• Patrick W. writes:

So this season I’ve been to Hammons Field in Springfield, MO multiple times as always to watch the St. Louis Cardinals AA team the Springfield Cardinals. Behind my seats there is a walk-through beer stand. YOU get in line and YOU pick out your beer from the fridge.

Then YOU take it up to the cashier to pay for it. Right after you swipe your card the cashier says “please answer the question on the screen” which asks how much of a tip you want to leave. And for what?? I did all the work. The cashier pressed one button. The worst part however is the cashier just staring at you judging you if you select “no tip”.

And the line is so tight that the person behind you is watching it happen as well. It’s awkward but idgaf. I never tip, especially because I’m paying 3 times what I’d pay for the same beer at the gas station. It’s nuts.

• Steve L. in Aurora, CO checks in:

Should the tip percentage be calculated on the amount before tax or including tax? 

I'm old enough to remember when the customary tip was 10%; then during the Carter years when inflation was raging (similar to 2022), restaurant workers decided to give themselves a raise and increase the minimum customary tip to 15%.  Some years later it went to 18%. At a Hooters restaurant yesterday, they had what the "suggested" tip amounts were to be, such as 18%, 21%, etc. and the amount for each tip percentage. I resent being told what I should be tipping.  

We only have to tithe 10% to the Lord, so why do we have to tithe 18% to the waitress?

• Greg B. is fired up over Tipping Gone Wild:

Tip guy rant is spot on. Why the hell do we need to tip everyone we come in contact with for anything. I went to the automatic car wash yesterday because I don't have time to wash my own car. There was a guy standing next to the kiosk where you pick and pay for your wash.

He asked which wash I wanted... " the number 2 please". (It adds a little tire shine that the basic doesnt include). Then he says "would you like to leave a tip for the team today"?

WHAT TEAM???!!!!

You punch a button on the screen for me and the little lady at the entrance will spray some magical cleaner on the front of my car in between Instastories!! No, I wouldnt like to leave a tip. I'd rather toss my hard-earned cash out the window going down the interstate.

Also, food chains where you purchase the food get a number then sit at a table,  there is an option for a tip..... wth.. tip for what. I haven't eaten the food yet... is it that good? I don't know if it's worth a tip.  No one is filling my drink cup or bringing me napkins.  WTH is the tip for???

Tips are abused by the entitlement generation. 

• David in Escalante, Utah writes:

I have worked several jobs that tipped was encouraged:

Restaurant Server - Most people don't understand how little servers make.   The federal minimum for the is $2.13 an hour.   Many restaurants take way to much advantage of their employees/customers and expect the restaurant's customers to pay their employees wages almost entirely through tips.

Pizza Delivery Driver - This is another where companies are allowed to pay less than minimum wage.   I was paid $7.25 while in the restaurant, but that dropped to $4.25 an hour once I took a pizza out for delivery.  Think about that next time you see a pizza delivery driver zooming way to fast in your neighborhood or you only tip them rounding up to the nearest dollar on your pizza order.

Grocery store bagger - They make the least in the entire grocery store.   Yes the stores say it is a courtesy for them to take your groceries out to your car, but remember to give them something when they provide that service to you.  No tipping for bagging the groceries, only for taking them to your vehicle.

Everyone remember this tipping problem is created by these big businesses not paying their employees enough and expecting their customers to make up the difference.

• Mark from Indiana writes:

Good morning Joe;  Let me provide the non-angry side of tipping.  I am a male approaching 60 with a well-paying job;  doing ok.  There are A LOT of jobs out there that I do NOT want to do or simply can't do; barista; Mcdonald's counter worker; plumber; laborer; delivery driver; and it goes on and on. 

If i can provide this group of workers with a little extra happiness for a job I don't want to do then I am all for it.  Yes, it is getting out of hand and I sure hope that the tips in the tip jar go to those who deserve it (that would make me angry if the owner/manager kept some!!!) but it is a small price to pay to keep those workers semi-happy and employed and keep me away from the Wendy's counter!

• Rann R. writes:

I am in Maryland visiting my son and his family. Being a huge Red Sox fan, we went to see them at Camden Yards. When you buy food at the concession stand, you insert your credit card, and then it asks for the tip amount. I just bought a Jumbo hot dog that was a normal-size hot dog, bottled water, and a bag of peanuts.

For 20 bucks. No way was I leaving a tip.  

Fast-food restaurants are doing the same thing now. No way.  I just search for the No Tip button. I tip well for wait staff, not for standing in line. 

• Todd H. writes:

Every time I see a goddamn tablet used to accept payment I know I’m about to be asked how much I’d like to tip on something I’ve never had to tip on before.  

Debt forgiveness

• Beau in Toledo has thoughts:


• Ken S. in North Augusta, South Carolina checks in:

Thought I’d drop you a note with some data about inflation…I just got my annual notice for flood insurance renewal (of course, FEMA is the sole authorized vendor).
Last year I paid $625.  This year the premium is $804, almost a 30% increase.
Bear in mind that the policy maxes out at less than half the assessed value of my home.
There are very few things the Federal government does well, but they do an excellent job of figuring out how to get more of your money.

Let’s Go, Brandon!

Another summer recap & a TNML end-of-the-year suggestion

• Aaron H. writes:

Aaron from Iowa clocking in here again. Kudos to you and the crew for not only keeping the screencaps going, but on expanding. I've gotten a few friends hooked on the daily mail and we message back and forth on some of the issues that are discussed - it really is beneficial to get some answers to the daily problems us 'normal' people experience. It's been a couple months since I chimed in and things have happened. The bikers still suck (for the most part), but that's what we're used to, so no surprise there. 

I think Mike T. in Idaho is my spirit animal, living his best life. My wife and I took a trip to Idaho this summer around the 4th, as I have a buddy living in a town called Salmon. Mind you, this was the time when people were calling for a boycott of the 4th of July since our country is just such a problem. Salmon, Idaho did not boycott, they sprinted through the finish line. Little tikes rodeo put on by my buddy that Friday night, Saturday morning parade (yes, I needed to get a bloody down before we came into town), and then a demo derby Saturday night, followed by one of the biggest hillbilly events I've ever seen. 8 dirt bikes in the rodeo arena, two people on each bike. Person riding on back has a balloon taped to his helmet and is carrying a wiffle-ball bat. Siren sounds and the dirt starts flying - the goal is to pop the balloon on top of the helmets with your bat. Last balloon standing wins = complete chaos, bikes laid down, fists drawn, helmets flying, it was everything you could imagine. Third time I've been out to visit my buddy and Idaho is an absolute gem, I'd move there in a heartbeat if I could convince my better half. I hope the yuppies don't try to take over the state like has happened to a few others out west. 

Quick idea that might take a bit more from your end than I would think. If you say you're a screencaps reader, but you don't know what TNML is, then you're not a screencaps reader. TNML has taken on its own identity and has obviously got us hooked.

My idea: what about an end-of-the-year contest of the best photo of your freshly mown lawn after a Thursday? Participants can submit 1 photo, entries need to be in by Halloween(?), you (Joe) can select what you think are the best 16 (32, 64, how big do we go?) photos, and put it into a bracket, maybe even similar to March Madness bracket (I'm a wrestler, so that's tough for me to even say). Voting could go on a week per round, readers are the voters, winner advances to the next round.

This could help get us through our drought of mowing lawns when it's January with a minus 23-degree wind chill and a foot of snow on the ground here in Iowa. Overall winner of the bracket would receive some sort of prize, the goal is to win isn't it? Put-In-Bay entry fee(trip?) paid for, free swag sent to their home, etc?

Spitballing here, but I think it's got the makings to be something the people could get behind. I think I've already taken what will be my one submission. Keep up the great work and thank you!

I LOVE the TNML March Madness idea. It's officially on my radar and now it's just a matter of executing and coming up with the right gift. Let me get the marketing team together so we can build a plan.

On that note, it's time to close down another Friday around here. A quick look at the calendar and it's hard to believe it's already August 26. My son turns 10 on Sunday and all I can think about is how I've been on this wild career ride his entire life. Back when he was an infant, I'd put him in his car seat and he'd sleep on my desk next to me as I pounded out my morning work.

Now he's talking about running for student council.

New dads: Don't blink.


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