Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Is Back Between The Pipes, Derek Jeter On Dad Duty & Kyle Schwarber Is On A Heater

Hey Joe, what's up with Wednesday's post not loading?

Thank you for all the concern you guys showed as Wednesday's Screencaps failed to load on phones. It worked just fine on a desktop browser, so if you still have access to a desktop, dial it up on one of those archaic devices.

What caused the issue? No idea. I passed along the news to the IT guys and they took it from there. I never did hear from them what the issue was or if it was solved, so I just have to keep rolling along with today's post.

Let me know if there are further issues on your end.


• Evan G. writes:

I enjoy everything you do especially Screencaps as well as TMNL every day.  I think you even featured one of my tweets or something on one of the first times you’ve written about TNML.  it was an honor for sure!

Everyday I go to on my iPad or iPhone to check out your latest posts.  Lately, all I get now is a landing page for you and none of your articles anymore.  If I go to it on a desktop browser, it seems to work fine.  Also, like with todays screencaps post, it doesn’t totally load anymore on the iPad, but it is very snappy on a desktop computer.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention.  Not sure if you can do anything about it or if you need to let someone else know, but I wanted to bring it to your attention anyway.

Again, thanks for everything you do and keep up the good work!

I'll add this issue to the list for the IT guys.

• Rann R. in Jeffersonville, IN writes:

Every time I try to open SC, it freezes after “bigterd” photo.  Has SCNation demand been so great we crashed your servers? 😂😂

It would be a high honor to have a 'Big Terd' truck photo from rural Indiana crash this site. However, I have to believe the OutKick servers can handle more than just one massive 'Terd.'

• Donnie N. in Lexington, KY writes:

Big fan. Not sure how this was overlooked, but this is a small town right outside Lexington.

Ready, set, mow: Lawnmower Brigade rolls into Wilmore's hearts (

I could be wrong, but I thought the lawn mower brigade made Wednesday's post. Maybe it was another lawn mower parade brigade. If I made the mistake of not including this specific brigade, I apologize. There was a massive pile of 4th content sent in and it very well could've gotten lost.

Or maybe it just didn't load inside Wednesday's post.

8:30 first pitches on Wednesday nights

How do I know I'm getting old? My son's team had a tournament game last night pushed from 8 to 8:30 and all I could think of was how late the game would go and how it would affect the rest of the week around this house.

I'm all for playing under the lights so the kids get to experience a warm summer evening on the ball diamond, but 8:30 first pitches like these kids are playing on Bally Sports in Dallas on Central time is a little much.

As for the game, my son's team had a rough first inning on the mound which put them in a huge hole they couldn't get out of and the season is officially over. My son came downstairs this morning with his mini-baseball bat given out by the league after the game and was asking me about his batting stance.

And with that, it appears we'll be back for another baseball season in 2023.

'Today I mowed the perfect lawn'

• Dave in Michigan writes:

I grew up in Wayne County (MI) and this guy just cracks me up. If you spent any time in this area these videos are a can’t miss, but figured this one is perfect for caps/TNML. If you’ve already linked to him before sorry for the redundancy, thanks for doing what you do! 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Dip, he is Wayne County, Michigan's No. 1 YouTuber. For those of you familiar with Wayne County, you get the joke. For those of you not familiar with Wayne County, which includes Detroit and the blue-collar suburbs, let's just say there are tens of thousands of Dips living in that county.

Pac-12 disintegration & turning it into 'The 6 PAC'

Pat in Vancouver, Washington writes:

Joe,  I’ve been a WSU Cougars football season ticket holder for over 20 years.

My hot take is embrace the change of the South division leaving the conference.  We rebrand to "The 6 PAC" a marketer's dream! And maybe a Busch Light sponsorship. We can play 10 conference games, home and away just like the NFL, and have 2 outside the conference.

The greedy want to change the game by moving to large power conferences, we say we will change the game by evening the playing field each year by playing home and away. 

Absolutely brilliant call here by Pat.

My only concern is with the beer choice. I thought it would have to be a triple IPA six-pack sponsorship. Are many people in the Pacific Northwest suckin' down Busch Lights?

Do you care about college football making big changes to conferences and taking even more steps to become the NFL's minor leagues where guys make salaries and it really isn't about school?

I tend not to lose sleep over this stuff because I've moved on from getting too emotional about the politics of sports. I'm more about the fun, the small-town America festival atmosphere that college football generates, and the absurdity of it all.

Will it be weird to see Oklahoma playing a conference game against South Carolina? Of course. Will it be weird to watch the news and UCLA is in Ann Arbor for a three-game weekend conference baseball series against Michigan? Needless to say, it will.

Tell me your emotions as we barrel towards the college football season. Do you care more, less, about the same as you've always cared about the sport?

That's it. Let's hope there aren't more issues this morning. Fire off you emails and let's go have ourselves a big day.


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