Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter In A Suit Jacket, Worst Seats In College Football & A Charlie Woods Update

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Prayers to those who have money stuck on the FTX crypto exchange or equity stakes

Now, let's keep in mind that this is a parody tweet, but the point stands that it has been a brutal year to have money invested in companies that were going to change the world and FTX was right there in the middle of the hype.

The big news this morning is that it appears FTX is in jeopardy of a full collapse after being valued at $32 billion in January when the company was preparing for its Larry David Super Bowl commercials to air. Tom Brady appeared in FTX commercials. Gisele gave talks with FTX's weirdo frontman Sam Bankman.

It was like when mom & dad get divorced

• Brian A. in Knoxville, TN welcomed me back to work with this message:

Great to see you back behind the keyboard. Sean took great care of us while you were gone. Wasn't quite the same, kinda like when your parents get divorced and when you stay at dad's you eat differently. Good, but different. Mom does the healthy cooking, makes you eat veggies, etc.

Dad lets you eat fast food, pizza, Hot Pockets, and chips. Both are good and you are well-fed at either place, but we know which one is better in the long run. Just know that when you take your next break we are in good hands if we have to stay at dad's for a few days.

Buy that guy a case of his beverage of choice! 

• Wyn sent me a welcome-back message:

Glad to have you back overseeing the community that is SC’s. No offense to the T’s but it was nice to see someone’s vacation breakdown and pics. The Logan Inn Bourbon Bar looks like a must for every guys bucket list…well, except for beer snob guy. 

Wanted to share the greatest gift I’ve received in a while…well, since last Christmas anyway. My roommate got me an Evo Flat Top grill as an early bday present. Cooked cheesesteaks for the maiden meal (video attached, volume up). If you’re a guy (or really just any cooking enthusiast) a flat top grill is a must. Start throwing hints out to your significant other ASAP. 

Wanted to chime in about the recent spatchcock turkey conversation that was going around. I had actually asked the SC’s community last year if anyone had plans to cook their turkey this way (link:

This was a follow up Daily SC’s in which Rory M. shared some spatchcocking tips:

Definitely the way to go imo. 

I’ll finish with a take on the Instagram models bracket. Proudly being one of the longest members of this community ( I started reading in 2012) I’ve been thinking about was IG models the regions would be named after and here are my 4:

West Region: Faryn Corey

South: Terann Hilow

East: Elle Johnson

Midwest: Rachel Bush

Would love your thoughts on those 4.

Alright, keep up the great work and keep it real. 

I would say that Michigan fan Elle Johnson will never be a No. 1 seed in any Screencaps model bracket. As a Michigan fan, she can be a No. 2 seed but never a 1. Also, I feel like Elle has slowed her production level to the point where I can't put her on the 1 line. Same goes with Faryn Corey. She comes out of the woodwork like every six months. That's not worthy of a 1-seed.

Rachel Bush is in a similar boat as Corey. Great content, but she's slowed down considerably.

And the same goes with Terann. It feels like Wyn is living in 2018. All four were dominant back then.

But the game keeps evolving and new content producers come along to dominate. That's just how this business goes.

Summer of the Patio leftovers in the garage fridge

I received a very important report Wednesday from my buddy Diesel on the state of his garage fridge after the Summer of the Patio. You might remember back in the spring I stopped at D's house to take part in a sticker application ceremony for his garage fridge. D was in the middle of emptying his entire fridge in preparation for summer.

He threw away everything. All the single leftover beers from days gone by. Wiped clean.

And now comes the after photo.

Are those jalapeno-pickled eggs down there on the right side?

Resident Screencaps pilot Danny W. has weekend plans on the ground

• Danny writes:

Gonna take in some college football and college hockey at my alma mater this weekend. As long as the 16 inches of snow in Eastern ND doesn’t shut down the interstate. My wife is coming with me and I’m really hoping that she doesn’t leave me there. I have a feeling there will be a lot of stories told and lots beer drinking. Wish me luck.

Just East of Mt. Ranier.

Southwest of Boise, ID

I'll be thinking of Danny as he goes through the weekend trying to gauge how loose he can get with the old college crew as his wife analyzes his level of loose. 99% of Screencaps readers have been in this scenario. We want to act 21 again. Meanwhile, the wife wants you to act responsibly and not get sloppy. But the gravitational pull of reliving those college moments is just too much.

This is why so many of us compromise by going on guys' golf trips even if we're a mid-20s handicap.

Ladies, it's not that we're doing anything salacious. It's that it's best if you just don't see our stupidity. Hope you understand.

An essay on fantasy football guy

• Jeremy M. knows how to paint a picture via emails:

You get a few hours at the local pub. Wife is at home taking care of the kiddos, she is the best. She lets you get adult time.

At the local spot, your feet stick to the floor.  It's a satisfying feeling.  Your buddy and you belly up. Out your pocket comes your phone. You and your buddy are going to go over how you lost last week to him in fantasy football.  Freaking Joe Mixon who ain't done much this year scored 5 touchdowns.

A gentleman is within earshot.  He slides over two stools.  He asks if you're chatting about fantasy football.  You smile and tell him what your conversation was about.  "That Joe Mixon did me dirty last week, you see what he did!?!"

He tells you the trials and tribulations about his fantasy team.  He tells you that he's in 3rd place. Out comes his out his cell phone.  He tells you that he's in 3rd, needs a waiver pickup because his kicker is on bye.  His problem is that his bench is so strong he can't figure out who to drop.

You glance at his phone, compliment him on how strong his team is.  The bartender walks by.

He tells you about how he has Josh Allen. He also has Stefon Diggs. He pulls up his league standings, says though he's scored more points than both the top two teams, he got beat by a couple teams that had amazing weeks. You look over his phone and affirm that he should be in first. 

He says he needs to pick up a kicker and a defense this week, they're on bye.

Bartender comes by again.  She stops in front you and asks if you need a drink. You make eye contact with her despite the gentleman going on about his options.  You make small talk about how busy the night has been.

Nobody cares about your fantasy team.

On eliminating sports announcers

• Jim R. writes:

Seriously, what's the purpose of sports announcers? They're supposed to inform me about the game I'm watching. I understand the necessity in the radio era. I understand the necessity in the first half of the television era. Now with all of the graphics, camera angles, miked-up referees, etc... I don't need them. On balance, they're a huge net negative to the whole experience. 95% of what they say is just an unnecessary assault on the ears. It's either the painfully obvious, ("Henry carries it up the middle for two yards." I know. I just watched it.), brilliant analysis ("Boy, they're going to need to score more if they hope to come back and win in the second half." Really Einstein), stupid sideline reporter questions ("Coach, is your team ready to play today?" What's he going to say? No?) or yucking it up about each other's round of golf earlier in the day. (I don't care.)

I hate silence so I can't just mute the TV. I can put music on but I want to be in the experience of the game. The radio broadcast is so far out of sync with the video feeds now I can't do that either. I want the option of no announcers but all of the game sounds. A few times over the last several years that has been done and it's glorious. You hear the crowd, the stadium announcers, the referees. It's like being at the game without the lines and I don't have to listen to some idiot named Booger explain to me why he's in a giant La-Z-Boy on the sideline. 

I understand some might still like announcers. Being an ardent believer in freedom of choice just give the user the option to have announcers or not but still have all of the game sounds. Please join me in my fight to just enjoy a game without it having to feel like you're sitting next to some drunk dude that just won't shut the hell up.

As networks push more and more of their content to apps, it feels like an announcerless option is inevitable. Want a game with just the natural sounds like you're sitting in the stands, minus the drunks screaming? There's a channel for that. Want Eli and Peyton Manning interviewing random people during games? There's a channel for that. Want a channel featuring gambling analysis in real-time during a game? It's coming.

Stripping out the announcers and throwing a game on an app doesn't seem like it'll take much work.

Hang in there, Jim. Your day will be here soon.

Let's go to Cadiz, Spain

• The Ts are still going strong in Spain where Mike T. continues his search for Screencaps material. Today, it's a schoolyard against an ancient sea wall.

And a bell tower in town:

And with that bell-ringing let's get the day started. It's going to be 75 degrees and sunny here in Ohio. It's Thursday. I'll get approximately 40 minutes to rake some leaves after work before it's pitch black. This is just how you draw up a beautiful November 10 on the calendar. The peppermint latte crowd is pissed and I can't be happier about it.

November days without clouds in these parts are hard to come by. I'm going to celebrate.


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