Hippie OnlyFans Model Wants To Use Earnings To Help Live Off The Grid

Adult film star Indica Flower has big dreams for her future. The self-proclaimed hippie, who rocks dreadlocks, has taken her talents over to OnlyFans and has saved up $1.5 million from her content in the process. She hopes to save up enough money to eventually live her life off the grid.

Indica is originally from Louisiana and comes from a family of farmers. While much of her current life is shared online, being a modern day hippie means she gets out in nature and makes sure to share as much as that on Instagram.

The 25-year-old calls getting into porn one of the best decisions she's ever made. Right now she's using her OnlyFans money to live more environmentally friendly lifestyle. That means she's growing some of her own food and even has hens.

Indica told the Daily Mail, "Living off-grid and in communion with Mother Nature provides a sense of purpose that nothing else can, in my opinion. Raising farm animals (hens for eggs, cows for milk not beef, etc.) in a loving, ethical way is so so rewarding."

"I currently already grow some of my own food and have four hens that provide me with lots of eggs."

Once she retires from the adult film industry, which she plans to do in the next five years, her goal is to live off the grid with a solar powered homestead.

Follow In The Footsteps Of Indica Flower And Dream Big Kids

One would assume there will also be a pretty strong internet connection of some kind out in the woods with nature. How else would she be able to let everyone know what she's up to?

It's fun to play hippie on social media. She looks to be having a good time doing so. She's probably even cornered that part of the adult film industry and OnlyFans, but making the the jump to fully off the grid is a different story.

There's probably not a whole lot of clout chasing or influencing going on by way of homestead. That doesn't necessarily mean she can't be the first. Streaming from the homestead could be big business in the next few years.