Hilde & Hannah Two For Tuesday, Yankee Stadium Security Chases Cat, Plus Aaron On His Cart

It feels like an odds & ends type of morning around here

I don't have a single topic to get the day rolling, but I do need to address the ticket situation for the Steelers-Cowboys Hall of Fame game that will be played Thursday night. The current get-in price is at a whopping $182 per seat on StubHub. I get that it's America's Team vs. America's Other Team and I have sung the praises of the Hall of Fame game from a fan's perspective, but I'd need one of you to kick me in the nuts if I spent $182 (plus fees or whatever StubHub's adding on extra these days) to see this one.

Yes, Tom Benson Stadium was absolutely loaded with HOFers during these games pre-VID. I don't know if you'll have some of the old-timers showing up here. In the good old days (2019), you couldn't walk 20 feet without running into a Hall of Famer just cruising around the stadium.

It feels like a good year to sit on the patio, have a few patio margs -- it's going to get real hot and I have some Kirkland marg bottles that need attention -- and watch some preseason football on Fox Sports. I assume Joe, Troy & Erin will be on the call.

• Quickly moving along here...it appears we've set the Morning Screencaps/TNML golf scramble team that I was building. Patrick C., a loyal Screencaps member and B-player, has rounded up an A-player, a gambler and a fun guy. Now it's time to see what these guys can do in the Andrew Gulch Memorial Tournament to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Chris L. wanted us to see Cardines Field in Newport, RI and now I have officially put this park on my list if I ever make it to this part of Rhode Island:

May not be part of the TNML due to apartment living. But I have to show respect and gratitude to the city guys who take care of our league field.

I'm a sucker for ancient mini baseball fields in the middle of cities like Cardines. This looks like a Doubleday Field experience which I've been lucky enough to do a few times including a Phillies-Rockies Hall of Fame game before MLB ended that event. If you're in the Newport, RI vicinity, go look up the George Donnelly Sunset League where Chris serves as the commissioner.

• It was sad to hear that we've reached the end of the road for some of the iconic liquor store tall boy beers. It's time to load up the garage fridge if you like sucking down some of the worst value beers on the market. I didn't even know that Molson/Coors sold an 8% Olde English. Those have to be refreshing after a long day at the factory. Couple of OE 8000s and t-bones on the grill. Doesn't get much better than that, but those days will soon be over. Start stockpiling today.

• I wanted to make sure I got this email from Daryl K. in Indy posted because I think it might help some of you out there.

Daryl writes:

Last week I went with a nearly as low as possible deck height and thus have only been encouraging my clover and crab grass population apparently. To be honest, I have actually noticed these particular pests increase over the past year or so and I imagine the reason being how low I am cutting the grass.

Well, time to start a new strategy and as my grass isn’t really at a height where 4” would even do much of anything, a week off it is.

And just like that, the 4" club is starting to take shape around here. I'm still at 3", but this week we're about to get drilled with heat, so I'm going up to 4" with a sharpened blade. The experts say 4" with a sharpened blade so I'm joining Daryl. Time to go higher. It's going to look like U.S. Open rough around here.

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