High School Football Player Walteze Champ Clearly Works Out

There's built differently and then there's Louisiana high school senior lineman Walteze Champ, who is the latest craze on the Internet.

Champ is a relatively unknown six-foot, 225-pound chiseled senior guard and defensive end at Homer High School in tiny Homer, Louisiana where the population is just 2,700 and the football team has just 38 players. Outside of an appearance this summer on the ABC affiliate where he's pushing a car as part of his training regimen, there's very little intel on Champ.

Needless to say things changed this week when the Internet was turned upside down over a photo of Champ looking to rip off a quarterback's head.

"THIS SH*T PERSONAL…" Champ wrote passionately on Instagram.

Listen, we believe you.

I know what you're thinking here -- college coaches must be going nuts trying to get this workout beast into their program even if it's just to work on the strength training side of the ball.

"(H)e’s got power 5 coaches calling him now, he’s in the middle of getting offers as we speak," some insider named Christian assured Instagram.

On his Instagram page, Champ says that he's received interest from Southern University and Louisiana-Monroe, but those observers who've seen him play say that Louisiana Tech should be all over this kid.

So he might be undersized to play guard at the college level and maybe not fast enough to play linebacker. Stick this tank at the fullback position and let him turn into a road grader for an offense.

You don't get that physique in high school by jerking around on TikTok and crushing beers while chasing skirts. The kid is clearly focused.

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