HBO Uses Wildly Aggressive Photo Of Johnny Depp's Daughter To Promote Upcoming Show

HBO isn't holding back when it comes to promotion for Lily-Rose Depp's new TV series "The Idol."

Johnny Depp's 23-year-old daughter will star as the lead in the series, and the plot is described as, "A self-help guru and leader of a modern-day cult enters a complicated relationship with a rising pop idol."

While that sounds interesting, it's the promotional material featuring Lily-Rose that seems to have caught everyone's attention.

The powerhouse network shared a photo of the series' lead in an outfit that left little to the imagination with the caption, "When was the last truly-f*cking-nasty, nasty bad pop girl?"

It appears "The Idol" has successfully captured everyone's attention without much effort at all.

Lily-Rose Depp will star in "The Idol."

Whenever a network is promoting a new series, it needs to do something in order to generate attention and gin up interest.

If people aren't paying attention, they're not going to watch once the series actually drops. Well, I think it's more than safe to say people are paying attention.

The photo above has blown up all over the internet. There are a lot of people who didn't even know Lily-Rose Depp existed who are now very aware of "The Idol" and her presence.

Also, the preview for the series makes it look like it's going to be absolutely bonkers in the wildest way possible.

HBO really pushed the limits with "Euphoria," and it appears the same will happen with "The Idol." This one is definitely not going to be aimed at a younger audience.

"The Idol" premieres June 4. It seems like HBO got what it wanted and people are now paying attention. Is Lily-Rose Depp about to be a monster star? We'll soon find out.

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