HBO Drops Incredibly Intense Trailer For 'The Last Of Us'

"The Last of Us" looks like it's going to be a shot of energy to the heart.

Hype for "The Last of Us" has been off the charts ever since word broke that HBO was making a show based on the popular video game series.

Now, fans have their first look at the saga with Pedro Pascal. Buckle up because the preview is one hell of an intense ride.

The plot of the show focuses on Joel (Pascal) and Ellie attempting to get across America after the country has been devastated.

The video game is post- apocalyptic and it looks like the show will carry the same energy.

Even though I only played a small portion of the game, it was clear to me why it captivated the gaming industry.

HBO capitalizing on the popularity of the video game is incredibly smart business, and it looks like the network won't disappoint fans.

The show looks absurdly intense with a nice sci-fi flare. Given HBO's incredible success with "Game of Thrones," "House of the Dragon" and other shows, it's hard to imagine "The Last of Us" won't also be great.

The network is known for having very high standards and production value. Add it all up, and there's plenty to be excited about.

While there's no official release date yet, we do know the show will premiere at some point 2023. There's a 100% chance I'll be watching.

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