Happy Thanksgiving From Emily Elizabeth, Shredded Bryson DeChambeau & Mike White Stops Over To Chat With Zach Wilson's Mom

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A dad who is thankful for his daughter going out and showing initiative to get a job

• Brian A., a Tennessee resident and alum, writes:

This week I learned that my 17yo daughter got a job! She lives with her mom (my ex) 250 miles away so I don't see her everyday. She casually mentioned having to go to orientation this week. Whaaaatt?????? Amazing!!!!!!

Why am I excited? Because she went out there on her own and got it. It's retail, it's your typical 17yo job. She'll probably hate the job, but love the spending money she gets from it, and realize what taxes really are. And she'll have a new perspective on Black Friday as she has to work that chaos on the other side.

So many people I know struggle with their kids and their lack of drive. I feel so lucky to have raised someone that is a go-getter. We had talked about her working but I let it slide as her athletics and scholar activities took priority, and had a bit of the "sorry your parents got divorced" guilt. With her HS season over, and her college decision made she is now focused on being self-sufficient. She wants to buy her own gas, her own lattes, her own clothes.

With that said, we talked last night and I told her about my first job and other jobs I had in HS and college. I remember literally flipping burgers at Wendy's. The biggest lesson I learned at Wendy's was that I didn't want to work at Wendy's. I also refereed hockey games and was a little league umpire as a teen which was stressful because of the parents.  

But I did have the Holy Grail of retail jobs - in the late 90s I worked at Blockbuster during my undergrad days. It was amazing and so fun. I got to take home a movie or two after every shift. Before Netflix and streaming I was the movie guy in the dorm, had my movie watching entourage before Entourage was a thing. $5.25 an hour was nothing compared to the fringe benefits I reaped from those movies. People would bring me beers, food, and more. And the chicks were all into me having Jerry Maguire to watch the day it came out on video.  

Would love to hear about your first few jobs, and other screencappers as well. We all had that job we hated and jobs we loved and learned many life lessons from them. 

Thankful lists

• Tommy in Texarkana goes first:

Happy Turkey Week, Joe!  As I pound Mangocoladas and warm-ish Modelo's with a couple ice cubes here in Cancun, been pondering my "thankful" list.  So, here goes:




-My family

-Not laying awake and stressing about dollars, because I have been there

-People who think differently but can communicate rationally and effectively and understand the "why" of something and the root of something, and respect each other because 90% of us want 90% of the same damn things

-Jesus, titties, and beer

-That as a Cowboy fan, my quarterback now isn't Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchison, or Drew Henson

-For simplicity in my life, and chaos in sports

-The Waffle House waffle and Jack in the Box taco

-Beautiful geography and seeing new and beautiful places for the first time and how amazing that feels

-good health and the ability to take care of myself

I'll leave it there for now.  Appreciate all you do!  Gobble gobble!  GO COWBOYS!!!

• Bill L. writes:

I'm thankful for my family and the life we've built together. Thankful for a job that may not be the greatest, but the benefits and leave policies allow me time to get away for a break when I can. 

Thankful for the Screencaps community and the opportunity to brighten a few readers days when they get a homebrew delivery. And without it, I would have never heard of the Battery Daddy. For garage beers, patio season, the TNML, Hildee's belly button, and the other IG content. 

Have a great Thanksgiving to the Screencaps community. 

• Danny K. in Chatt Hills, GA writes:

Just a few things that I am thankful for and happy thanksgiving to SC nation!!
That my folks raised me right!!
My beautiful wife and daughter!!
Heaven sent!!
That the Falcons don’t totally suck!
That the Dawgs are the best team in the land!! ( currently)
That politics is not an option on screencaps!
This great country of ours!!
And of course a cold Budweiser!!
Have a great holiday and keep up the great work!!
And be nice because it matters!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from the friendly skies...someone has to fly those planes today

• Resident Screencaps pilot Danny W. writes:

Hey Joe, I’m out working this holiday week. It sucks missing time with the wife and kids but a man needs to provide for his family. And frankly people need to get where they’re going. I hope Screen Caps Nation enjoys their adult spirit of choice tomorrow. And I’ll be really thankful if the Football doesn’t suck as bad as every other Thursday game has the last 5 yrs.

The Collegiate Peaks in Colorado

Looking forward to days like this again. Just 7 more months to go!

I'd like to add one more thing I'm thankful for this year

Yesterday, I stepped away from the computer to rake some leaves before the city comes around one final time and my phone starts going off about Ohio State-Michigan and Collin B. in the neighborhood says he came into some tickets to the game and he was wondering if I was going down Saturday morning.

Long story short, the guy offered up a ticket and I'm going to The Game.

You're damn right I'm thankful for the opportunity.

I owe the Collin B. family some sort of holiday gift basket.

Happy Thanksgiving to the lib libs

This video is worth a watch before you head out to eat that Thanksgiving dinner with nieces and nephews who are home from college.

Thanksgiving dinner in Spain with the Ts

It appears the Ts kept it simple this year for their big feast.

• Mike T. writes:

Happy Thanksgiving friend,

I, like most folks, give thanks for my family and friends. I also give thanks for living in the USA and thanks for all who defend her past and present!

However, earlier this year I had a major medical issue and came as close to passing as I’d ever care to. With the help of wonderful doctors and nurses I was able to survive and, over time, regain my full health.

After a major medical emergency like I experienced, you quickly realize how short and fragile life truly is, and you value everything in your life more.

I’m thankful for another opportunity and value the life I live even more because of my issue. I always enjoy your closing Screencaps to “go out there and make the day great”, because that’s what it’s truly about!

God bless you and your family, friends, and the whole Screencaps community!

And Thanksgiving breakfast with the Ts in Spain:

'Do Hard Things'

I was happy to see Jason R.'s DM in the Instagram inbox. Look at that caption on the video with his kids. I have zero experience playing instruments, but I am smart enough to know what these kind of moments mean to Jason and the kids.

Love to see it.

I didn't expect to see Texas at No. 11

Shock your Texan relatives with this news.

And that's it, Thanksgiving Screencaps is in the books.

Have a great day no matter how that looks. Remember, Danny W. will be in the sky. Enjoy the food, family (until they want to talk politics) and that suddenly critical Bills-Lions game that is going to be electric in Detroit. Seriously, those fans are going to be fired up with their team on a three-game winning streak and one win away from seriously thinking about the playoffs.

Take care.

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