Hailey Grice As Lara Croft, Clay & His Son Enjoy Braves Victory & Rob Trump Golfs With Donald Trump

Game One is in the books, and it was yet another long one

If you thought the World Series games would be played a little more quickly than the League Championship Series, you'd be wrong. Tuesday's Game One was a staggering FOUR HOURS AND SIX MINUTES. Now, I know that doesn't matter to Braves fans because they enjoyed themselves during a 6-2 win where the offense pounded out 12 hits and the pitching held Altuve, Bregman, and Correa hitless.

But for those of us who get up to pound out Screencaps way before the sun comes up, it's not doable. I can watch the nightly news to get the next day's weather report, go back to scrolling through my phone, turn on late-night hockey, take a nap and these baseball games still aren't over.

• Quickly moving along from that depressing topic...the get-in price for two tickets to Game 3 in Atlanta sits at $1,200 per ticket. That will get you a grandstand reserve ticket in the 400-level. If you want to sit down in the box seats behind home plate where the big boys like Clay will be sitting, you're talking $7,500 per seat.

All prices are even higher on Saturday for Game 4 where the get-in price for two tickets is at $1,400 for what could be a World Series clincher.

• It doesn't matter how many times I put Kiana Tom into Screencaps, the reaction is always the same. Guys in their mid-40s will never forget the Flex Appeal days on ESPN when fitness was huge.

Ryan O. writes:

Getting ready for the final #TNML got to finish strong and put down those winter stripes! I wanted to comment on the feature today for Kiana Tom. I remember watching her on espn2 back in middle school and high school when I would get home in the afternoon. Maybe next up I suggest Brooke Burke… loved her Wild On on the E! network and all the great places she would go in her bikinis. Keep the great content rolling Joe.

• Todd Z. had a great observation on this one:

At least they are wearing masks.

• Aaron H., our Home Depot Insider® says it's happening. Here come the Christmas deals on battery-powered tools.

Our merchandising team is getting at it. Spoke to Ryobi & Ridgid reps this morning, good deals are on the way November. I won't see the big deals until Black Friday 5am, but will pass along anything when I get a sneak peek that Monday. We removed half of the Christmas trees in leiu of space for power tools.I live in a condo so I have nothing to contribute to Thursday mowing.

• Beau in Toledo is starting to get into the Halloween spirit:

Kind of surprised 1997's EVENT HORIZON isn't on the dockets of Halloween horror film marathons on this week's cable channels.

It's kind of like a STAR TREK meets ALIEN meets EXORCIST genre.. actually the last prior to 20 Jan 2021 non-nightly-news film to give me real nightmares.

What's yours?

• Great question, Beau. Let me tell you about my Tuesday night. We recorded Casper last week and fired it up last night for the 9-year-old. It was a nice, friendly ghost, way of enjoying Halloween week. I sat there for 15 minutes thinking, that sure looks like Christina Ricci. It's hard to believe she's now 41 and quietly going about her business on social media where she recently announced she's pregnant and then announced earlier this month that she's now married to the baby daddy.

• As for true horror films, I'm just not into them. I feel like the 1980s mall zombie movies were fun (I'm probably thinking of Dawn of the Dead), but I've lived through so many bad sports teams that I don't need horror movies in my life.

Rotten Tomatoes Top 11 Horror Films of All-Time:

• Finally this morning, Brendan sent over a link to a report on how U.S. paratroopers traded dip for a Toyota gun truck that was then used to secure the Kabul airport.

• And that's it, another Wednesday in the books. Have a great day.

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