Guy Pays Bruce Buffer $299 On Cameo To Help Dump His Girlfriend

Cameo has been used for a variety of things, but we've officially entered a new stage in life where a guy has now dumped his girlfriend with the help of a Cameo from legendary UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer -- for $299.

Buffer recently posted a video "announcement" on his Cameo page featuring a message to "Kaylee" with a special "it's time to move on" message from what seems to be a boyfriend who...wants to move on and needs Kaylee to get with the program.

While expensive, this might not actually be the worst idea of all time. It keeps the breakup process clean and less likely to cause drama. It doesn't get much more definitive than Bruce Buffer ending the relationship.

"Kaylee, hun, I need you to reference the Buffer video for my only comment on our relationship. That will be my final statement on this matter."

I'm also a fan of people being fired by Cameos. Cleveland companies should hire Hue Jackson ($60) to drop the bad news to employees.

"Hey Keith, this is Hue Jackson. I just want you to know that XLR Communications announced you've been fired. Be at the back door by 8 a.m. tomorrow morning to get your s--t."

"No, this isn't a joke. The HR department paid me $60 to make the announcement."

We live in weird times. Trust me, I know all about how Cameos are used in weird ways. My friends hired a gay porn star on Cameo for $15 a couple of years ago to wish me a happy birthday.

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