'Greatest Lie Ever Sold' Challenges Media Narratives, BLM Inc.

Candace Owens stuck her neck out, early, following the death of George Floyd in May 2020. While virtually all corners of the culture rallied for justice and BLM movements, Owens had some questions she couldn’t keep to herself about Floyd’s checkered past and what seemed to be his instant martyr status.

And she paid a price for her views.

Perhaps the most alarming attack came courtesy of comic giant Dave Chappelle. He excoriated Owens, a prominent black conservative, with a sexually-charged attack many would have declared Misogyny 101 had Owens not been conservative.

Now, the pundit and provocateur wants to have the last word on the subject. 

Owens is the star of “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM,” a Daily Wire documentary excoriating both Black Lives Matter and entrenched media narratives surrounding Floyd’s death following a confrontation with Minneapolis law enforcement.

And, yes, the footage of Chappelle’s comments are prominently featured in the film.

NOTE: This reporter is a freelance contributor to The Daily Wire

Simply criticizing BLM, once out of bounds in polite society, sets “Lie” apart. That’s hardly the only factor in play. 

This is not new for The Daily Wire’s entertainment division. The platform previously served up the lighting rod documentary “What Is a Woman?” That documentary got slammed as “transphobic” by Rolling Stone magazine and hailed by City Journal and other right-leaning outlets.

“Lie” delivers another cultural smart bomb sure to inflame Owens’ critics.

The film, released Oct. 12 exclusively at DailyWire.com, finds the popular podcaster questioning key elements of Floyd’s death, from the physical evidence gleaned from his last hours to conversations with his longtime roommates. They reveal a God-fearing Floyd, someone hungry to straighten his life out before his addictions got the best of him.

We also see Owens call out organizations for using Floyd’s death for fundraising purposes and questioning how BLM officials have used their fundraising windfall -- $90 million according to press accounts.

Owens asked why that money hasn't been poured directly into the communities ravaged by BLM's protests.

The official Black Lives Matter Twitter account swiftly reacted to “Lie’s” release, although it’s unclear if the organization actually screened the film.

That won’t stop Owens, who routinely clashes with liberal black organizations. She rose to fame in 2017 courtesy of her YouTube vlog updates. She later founded the BLEXIT movement, an attempt to bring right-leaning views to urban centers nationwide.

She’s no stranger to culture war skirmishes, and “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” will only increase her brand awareness.

Owens caused a kerfuffle in the days leading up to “Lie’s” release by wearing a White Lives Matter shirt alongside music icon Kanye West at his Yeezy Paris Fashion Week show. 

In the weeks after Floyd’s death, sports broadcaster Grant Napear lost his job with the Sacramento Kings for saying, “All Lives Matter.”

She explained her T-shirt motives to Tucker Carlson on his Fox News platform.

"In fact, no lives have been mattering. Black Americans are suffering as a result because of Black Lives Matter. We know that their neighborhoods have been rioted in inner city communities and the businesses are moving out of there."

“The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” could change the minds of even those who think they know everything about Floyd’s death and the circumstances around it. The film reveals body cam footage indicating Floyd said he couldn’t breathe multiple times before he laid on the ground, partially defusing one of BLM’s most powerful talking points, the “I Can’t Breathe” rallying cry.

Owens, who hosts a podcast with The Daily Wire, also features a stunning segment showing how model/influencer Chrissy Teigen bullied a shop owner for complaining about his store being looted time and again during BLM's 2020 protests for social justice.

“The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” currently has a 99-percent “fresh” rating at Rotten Tomatoes among the audience. No professional critics have weighed-in on the film as of this publishing.

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