Gracie Hunt's Mom, Tavia, Deserves Your Attention

The Hunt family is truly a football family. The families football legacy all started with Lamar Hunt, who was the principal founder of the American Football League and owner/founder the Kansas City Chiefs. He also played an instrumental role in the AFL-NFL merger. That legacy was passed down to Hunt's son Clark and has continued to the day.

In recent years, his beauty pageant competing daughter, Gracie, has been receiving a ton of the off the field attention. And for good reason. She will, presumably, be the face of the franchise one day and she knows the content game.

With Kansas City in the Super Bowl there hasn't been a shortage of headlines about the Chiefs heiress. She's been so red hot that landed the cover of Maxim Magazine during Super Bowl week.

As impressive as Gracie's resume is, there's another beauty pageant winner in the family that deserves your attention. That's her mother Tavia Hunt. She put up impressive numbers back in the early 90s.

Before she was married into the Hunt family, Tavia Shackles did some winning of her own. Let's take a look at some of her accolades.

That's one hell of a run. If the Chiefs pull off another Super Bowl win they might have her beat, slightly. Those stats are right up there with five straight AFC Championship game appearances.

Now I know what many of you are thinking. If Tavia is a proven winner then why is her daughter receiving so much attention? The simple answer is I don't know.

Pay Attention To Tavia Hunt

I assume it's a classic case of someone not afraid to share the spotlight and not going out of their way to steal any of it from those around her. Just that show up, do your job, and act like you've been there mentality.

Figuring out why Gracie is stealing the headlines so freely without much attention being paid to Tavia is part of the reason the Culture department wanted to give the former Miss Kansas her due.

There's no doubt about, Gracie is the future of the franchise. But the veteran is still on the roster and still doing her thing.

Let's not forget who paved the way for who here. Without Tavia there is no Gracie. Don't get me wrong, Clark is a handsome man and all, but there aren't many on his wife's level.