Gordon Hayward's Wife Tries The Hornets Forward's New Cold Tub

Charlotte Hornets forward Gordon Hayward is coming off of another injury-shortened season. He played in just 49 games last year due to sprained ligaments in his left ankle.

A recent purchase by the 32-year-old suggests he might be trying a new approach to staying healthy during the grind of an NBA season.

Hayward now has a cold tub installed at his house.

The $120 million man and his wife Robyn decided to give the new tub a try.

His wife's cold tub attempt received a lot of attention on social media. And it's not hard to see why.

Robyn slipped into a bikini and attempted to last longer in the freezing water than her husband did. After some coaching by Hayward, the mother of four finally hopped in with the intention of beating his time of one minute and sixteen seconds.

She failed miserably, only making it eight seconds before jumping out of the water. Hayward responded to his wife's attempt with some word of encouragement, "Eight seconds...that's pathetic!"

It's All About The Content

Hayward's right, that's not a great attempt at beating his time by his wife. But the attempt does make for a pretty good viral video.

So while Robyn might have failed to top his time, she succeeded in making some decent content. It could be argued that making good content is more impressive than freezing your ass off in a cold tub anyway. Who wants to do that?

The Hornets aren't a great team, but with LaMelo Ball, a healthy Gordon Hayward, and videos like this one — they just might be able to make a little bit of noise next season in the East.