Give This Student An A+ For Cheating

Ahh yes, the art of cheating in school.

We've all been there.

The most common method was writing a few words down on a small piece of crumpled paper and hiding it within your palm while you tried to look at it mid-test.

When I was in high school some people would write the answers on the inside of a water bottle label and squint to see what they wrote.

Or tape a piece of paper on the inside of the bottom of their shirt and look down and try and read it. That never worked well. The teacher would always see the student just staring down at their lap and immediately know something was up.

Cell phones? Some teachers made us put them in the back of the room in bins.

But this latest cheating scandal deserves an A+ for ingenuity.


A law professor took to Twitter to expose one of her student's cheating tactics that involved carving the answers onto the pen they were using!

Professor of Law Yolanda de Lucchi at the University of Malaga caught the student during an in-person exam.

According to a Twitter user named Gonzo, the student would carve the notes into the pen and have it line up just as the ink would inside a BIC pen.

The professor actually praised the cleverness, even calling it "art."

It's unclear how the student was caught or if they faced any punishment. Hopefully the teacher just allowed them to re-take the test with legitimate pens.

The post has since gone viral and Gonzo says that the student will identify themselves, but with a catch.

They want the Spanish beer company Cruzcampo to give the two of them some free beer, since the company's brand prides itself on those who "encourage great efforts and great actions."

Sounds like the student is well on their way to becoming an entrepreneur.

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