Gisele Saves A Sea Turtle, Bears Fan Struggles With His Rain Gear & UGA Ladies Definitely Want To Talk To A Manager

Remember when I said I'm done trying to figure out the NFL?

Let's start in Pittsburgh where the Ravens had a perfect opportunity to Old Yeller Big Ben once and for all, but Lamar Jackson decided to forget how to move the football. The guy was sacked SEVEN times! Now, as a Bengals fan -- who just can't get over the hump -- I loved to see the Ravens go down and give the rest of the AFC a chance to win the division, but it's not like my Bengals were going to track down the Ravens. This was supposed to be Big Ben's swan song.

Now the guy has a pulse, the December beard is growing and the guy will most likely figure out a way to win out & get into the playoffs where he'll limp to one final playoff victory.

Moving along to the NFC, good for the Detroit Lions for tasting victory lane after a year without a win. Now they just need to figure out how to not screw up the No. 1 pick in the draft as the Jags and Texans are making a massive push to get into contention. Remember, the Lions will have the Rams' No. 1 pick in 2022 and 2023. They NEED that No. 1 pick, even if there aren't any quarterbacks to take.

But for one day, it's nice to see Lions fans happy and enjoying life a little bit, especially all the superfans who strap on the costumes. Bless their hearts.

• I've come to the conclusion that I'll be buying the NFL Ticket next season. I've officially made it to the stage of life where I have zero interest in the Sunday bar scene and don't want to be stuck with the Vikings-Lions on CBS when the Chargers-Bengals game is going on. The NFL's TV rules have officially pushed me over the edge.

I'm sure a psychologist out there has a medical term for this stage of life for a middle-aged guy and what it all means when a guy doesn't want to leave his TV den and needs even more content for his TV command center.


• While it won't be cold and snowy tonight, we're about to see a less-than-ideal weather situation for the Buffalo Bills at home against the Patriots. Remember when the Colts rolled into Ralph Wilson back on November 21 and Jonathan Taylor had four rushing TDs and one receiving? The Bills better hope they can stop the Patriots' rushing attack or it's going to be lights out.

Josh Allen's not going to be throwing many deep bombs to bring the Bills back. Look at this weather:

• Phillip in Nashville writes:

Watch the SEC on CBS.  You feel like you are right down there on the field.  Then turn over to ABC or Fox.  You feel like you're standing on top of the Press Box.  It's such a 2nd rate viewing experience when compared with the NFL-ish camera work that CBS does for the SEC games.  Surely I'm not the only person who thinks the "from the top of the Press Box" view gives a detached feel to the viewing experience.

I absolutely hate that CBS is going to lose the SEC Saturday afternoon broadcast.  I know the SEC gave CBS a deal to build its footprint - it worked.  CBS obviously spent some of their "rights" savings on better camera work - it worked.  I just can't wrap my head around why CBS would give up ownership of the Saturday afternoon timeslot.  (Seems like another East Coast elitist total misunderstanding of what most of America really wants.)  Thanks for letting me vent.

• Mike in Pasadena's wife sent me a nice message this weekend. You might remember how Mike developed a birthday trip plan for Jenny via the Screencaps nature department. Mike saw a photo of Olympic National Park & took Jenny to Lake Crescent Lodge for a December weekend. That's the power of Screencaps. The haters will say this post is dumb. The smart people use this column to their advantage...and it's FREE!

Screencaps...making wives happy is what I do.

• Indy Daryl writes:

I salute Jacob S and the patience it certainly requires to bag a buck like that. I have never been hunting a day in my life, but I know it takes an incredible amount skill and dedication. Well done!

I think that is the beauty of “Do Hard Things”: it is unique to every individual and changes over time. I haven’t alway been a runner or enjoyed camping and backpacking. But here I am spending days on end doing both.

I love that Courtney is learning to play golf, simply because she wants to. I love that one of the hardest things in my life right now is convincing my sixth grader that working hard at school is important! I love that it can be hunting, mowing a lawn week in and week out, decorating for Christmas before hunkering down. Whatever it is, we can embrace it and encourage each other to do it well.

Have a great day filled with chili, beer, and football!

• Full disclosure: I never made the chili Saturday, but I did spend hours cleaning up leaves and gutters just to have the winds come out of the NE the last two days and clear out the massive backyard tree. You can guess what a NE wind means for my gutters.

I ran the mower dry, put it away, and called it a season. At this point, the leaves are on their own and I've turned my attention to house projects, which are numerous. The bad news for those projects is the future weather forecast that's calling for the 50s(!) through the 19th which means the golf clubs will be coming out.

There's something about golfing with the boys in NW Ohio days before Christmas. There's just so much cheer.

• Sunday we took the boys to our town Christmas parade that was somehow able to land the Weinermobile and Santa. Doesn't get much more action-packed for a small-town parade this time of year.

• Now, let's get this workweek rolling along. I have pages and pages of content to pump out so buckle up. Remember, you have like 14 more days before skipping out on work for the rest of 2021. Buckle down, do your job and finish strong!


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