Gisele Reveals Her New Man, Joaquim Valente, After Tom Brady Divorce

With her divorce complete, Gisele wasted no time revealing her new boyfriend, Joaquim Valente, to the world.

The supermodel and her new jiu-jitsu instructor boy toy, but it wasn't a one-on-one date. The mother of two had her kids, Benjamin, 12, and Vivian, 9, in tow as the new power couple grabbed some dinner at a Costa Rican hotspot as her ex-husband was preparing to play the most important NFL game in German history.

From the look of things, this Gisele-Joaquim Valente relationship isn't new. As you can see from the tabloid spy cameras, Gisele and Joaquim, a member of the notorious Valente black belt family, were dressed like they were grabbing wings and beers. It doesn't take a relationship expert to determine these two aren't in the first week of a new relationship.

According to Page Six, Gisele possibly knew Joaquim from a 2021 magazine shoot the supermodel did with his brothers, Pedro and Giu. This year, Gisele complimented Joaquim, Pedro and Gui as being "awesome teachers" after she picked up the art of jiu-jitsu. Keep in mind, the Valente Bros. are like the Gracie Bros. We're talking about the only families where four members of the family hold black belts.

In a video that will be analyzed by all the tabloids, Gisele is seen practicing her moves on one of the Valente Brothers. It's unclear if that's Joaquim rolling around on the mat with Tom Brady's baby mama.

"I believe the more tools we have in our toolbox the better. I feel stronger, more confidence and empowered since I started practicing self-defense," Gisele wrote on an Instagram Reel. "I feel it’s an important skill for all, but specially for us women. Thank you @ValenteBrothers for being awesome teachers and for making training so much fun. I am looking forward to keep improving. Let’s go"

Tom Brady, perhaps not realizing something was cooking, wrote, "You never cease to amaze me" in the replies.

You make the call: Did Gisele cheat on Tom Brady with her jiu-jitsu instructor? Was something cooking all along and Tom Brady was pissed and decided to play another year as a huge f-you to Gisele?

Things are about to get real interesting.

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