Gisele Is 'Seeing' Billionaire Jeffrey Soffer Who Is Tom Brady's Friend & Neighbor

Gisele has a new boyfriend and let's just say this guy Jeffrey Soffer isn't hurting for money.

The Brazilian supermodel, who is loaded beyond belief, is reportedly dating Soffer -- not the jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente she had been jet-setting with -- who is the former husband of Elle Macpherson and also a buddy of Tom Brady.

According to Daily Mail sources, Gisele and Soffer have "been seeing each other for several months now and meet secretly about once a week." Trust me, this guy is picking up the tab when they meet once a week. Estimated to be worth somewhere around $2.2 billion, Soffer is said to have private jets, yachts and properties thanks to his career as a developer and hotelier.

As for this friendship between Soffer and Brady, these guys have hung out together at the Miami hotspots and even at a WNBA game last May. The Daily Mail's source claims the two have been friends "for years."

Now, did Tom know his buddy was/is "seeing" his ex-wife?

If Soffer, 55, and Gisele have been seeing each other for months "secretly," it's possible Jeff didn't break the news to Brady as these guys are slamming pizza and win at Miami restaurants.

Or maybe Tommy knew about it and was more than happy for his billionaire buddy to be servicing his ex-wife. Remember, these are rich people we're talking about and this might be a net positive for Tom. Jeff takes Gisele off his hands and now he can just go out with his buddies and live life without her bitching and moaning about him not spending enough time with her.

All yours, Jeff!

Have at it, big boy.

Soffer's marriage to Macpherson, which lasted four years, ended in 2017.

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