Giants CB Darnay Holmes Reacts To His Sideline Massage Going Viral

Giants cornerback Darnay Holmes, who went viral over the weekend for quite a sideline massage session, is speaking out about his pants-down moment in London during Sunday's win over the Packers.

The Internet went nuts over the video, but the quick-thinking Holmes isn't about to let the viral fun die down. He has plans to make some money over this rubdown. The third-year player, who's making just $895,000 while living in New York or New Jersey, says he might as well cash in a little bit.

“Y’all need to chill, the tent wasn’t available!” Holmes wrote on Twitter this week. “Everyone’s having so much fun with this vid so I decided to team up with @momentoNFT and turn it into a NFT. Gonna give away some signed balls and do some live streams too.” See where he's going here?

I don't know what you're going to do with a Darnay Holmes NFT, but they'll soon be out.

Fellow defensive back Julian Love was on WFAN this week and all he could do was laugh over the viral rub. He says it was Giants kicker Graham Gano who first showed him the video on the flight home.

“I knew that was gonna just instantly blow up. Like, dang Darnay, you’re getting freaky on the sidelines? I don’t know what’s going on…we’re all like ‘Why didn’t you block yourself?" Love told Tierney and Tiki.

“Like, usually when you have to do something that requires you to pull down your pants or do something like that, you get covered. But he was just trying to get done as quick as possible, apparently… He’s laughed through it all … Everybody is laughing, but he’s laughing with it.”

Good. Let's have some FUN here.

Speaking of fun, the Giants are 4-1 -- the team's best start since 2009 -- and the Ravens are coming to New Jersey for a 1 p.m. kickoff. There's a reason everyone is smiling around the Giants. They're turning sideline rubdowns into NFTs and winning football games. This is a good time for the G-men.

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