'Get Yer Ass Outta The Pool': Rapper Boosie Goes Off On Lia Thomas

Remember in January when woke mob leader Pat Forde said the Lia Thomas controversy was just a right-wing conspiracy to infuriate an audience? Times sure have changed, Pat.

Now we have rapper Boosie Badazz sitting down to do interviews where the rapper of such hits as "Mop Wit It," the classic "Wipe Me Down," and Clay's favorite, "Nasty Nasty," is giving his opinion on the raging controversy over transgender Lia Thomas swimming against biological females.

Boosie, who isn't exactly waving a Trump flag, has sided with the biological females on this issue and he has a stern message for the losers like Pat Forde out there who think this is some political wedge issue led by a bunch of lunatic right-wingers.

"It's not fair," Boosie said during a VladTV interview. "Let them women have their glory, man. We let that s--t go down, in five, ten years they gonna have kids raising their children to be big, strong motherf--kers, then turn into women and take over the sport and get million-dollar contracts."

"Watch," a frustrated Boosie added.

That's right, Boosie brought the straight fire during this interview.

But the rapper of such classics as "Smoking on Purple" wasn't done.

"Motherf--kers think money. Go get a motherf--ker and turn him into a woman and put him on a motherf--kin' NCAA team and dunkin' like Shaq," the rapper said.

"I ain't happy with it at all."

Now, why can't Pat Forde, who sat there and watched his daughter and her Olympic teammates get smoked by Thomas in the 500 freestyle national championship race, say one-eighth of what Boosie just said?

Because Pat Forde is a massive pussy.

But you know who's not a massive pussy? Our boy Boosie is STILL not done with this controversy. He has more to say and notes the battles women go through in sports, including having menstrual cycles.

That's right, he said it. The guy is keeping it real.

"Sit yo ass down, man. Get the f--k out the pool, man," Boosie continued. "Get your ass out of the pool. Real s--t."

"You're cheating, bro. Get your ass outta the pool. It's not acceptable, in my mind. You got girls training since they were four years old. Their shoulders aren't made like yours."

And there you have it.

Pour one out and sip on that. Straight heat from Boosie.

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