Georgia Rae Moore Celebrates Fat Tuesday, Wheel of Fortune All-Timer & OutKick Throws A NYC Party

Remember, I wouldn't post a video if it wasn't worth your time

Editorial note: You're going to scroll through Screencaps today and see a bunch of video icons. I know what will go through your head: there's no way I NEED to watch all those videos. Remember, I get up and bust my ass editing out Twitter and Instagram trash content to bring you the best of the best.

I need you to trust me today because we have some all-timers in the mix.

Now that I have that out of the way, let's get down to business on the first Wednesday in March as a beautiful ball of sunshine barrels through the family room windows.

It's that time of year when I need your help. It's time for the 2022 Woke All-Star Challenge. 2021 was such a huge success that Clay wants me to bring it back. Guys, this is the stuff -- along with Morning Screencaps -- that gives me job security around here. Throw in Thursday Night Mowing League and I ain't leaving this place anytime soon, that's for sure.


I'm still going back and forth in my head if I'm going to let Jemele Hill, the defending champion, into this year's woke-off or if we cancel her because she's too dominant. It's like prime Michael Jordan in the dunk contest against Dominique. Yes, the Human Highlight Film was perfectly capable of throwing down insane dunks, but he was up against a GOAT and it wasn't fair.


On March Madness:

• Mike B. in Nashville is here with a suggestion for all of you who loved The Guantlet during the NFL season:

It hit the 60s here in Nashville today and got me thinking about going for a test run Thursday after work. Anyways, as conference tournaments are approaching I wanted to pass along a March Madness style pickem similar to the Gauntlet.

It works best with 8 total people and you snake draft for all 64 teams (I understand there are several play in games, the person would draft both teams as if it were one team). Winner is decided by who has the most points. Points are awarded by the seed of the winning team.

For example if Gonzaga is a 1 seed and wins it all, they are only awarded 6 points. If Alabama is a 5 seed and wins two games, they are awarded 10 points. In the past we have also had 2nd prize for picking the winner. This pickem requires strategy outside of just picking a winner.


This sounds like a good way to mix things up with your buddies during the tournament. I'll have to see if Michael J., who ran the Gauntlet league I was in, wants to run this March Madness Gauntlet. I'm going to be swamped with the Woke AS Challenge and Thursday Night Mowing League, but I LOVE when readers throw out things like this Madness Gauntlet.

This is the community helping out the community. If you have questions for Michael B. in Nashville, send them to me and I'll connect you with the man.


On small-town life in North Dakota

• Those of you who were around last week remember the discussion on Crosby, North Dakota where we have a group of readers in this tiny town just a few miles from the Canadian border. Grant was the first reader from the group to email. Then I heard from Dillon, a teacher in town.

Dillon, who grew up in Bismarck, fills in some blanks on life in this far-off, but proud American town:

First time writing in, but it is pretty cool to see Crosby get some pub.  One of the fun things about being from a such a small town is that it's a pretty big deal when a national source recognizes you.  I am friends with Grant and most of us have texts going around that we HAVE to check out the article since we're being represented.  

Grant pretty much nailed how the community comes together and fills any need.  I thought I would second some of these thoughts as a person that didn't grow up here, but someone who randomly moved here as a teacher 6 years ago.  

Being in a small community means you need to wear many hats.  For example, I am a 5th grade teacher and also coach football as well as golf.  (As you have pointed out, we travel pretty far for every game/meet.).  This is common for almost every teacher and other community member as they are a part of some board that makes sure everything in community runs efficiently.  Everyone knows each other which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on if you have beers with them or not. 

For example: I teach Grant's daughter just like most of the rest of our friend group.... On the other hand, other parents that might not be as friendly also see you at every single community function.  

As an outsider coming into Crosby, it truly is one example of how these small towns are the backbone of America.  CNN is pretty much a swear word around here and luckily, people have been living their normal lives for most of the pandemic.  If anything, most news sources should cover small towns all around America because nobody wants to see the crap they put out there.  What you see on the news isn't representative of normal life (as seen from middle-of-nowhere-Crosby).  

P.S. As Grant mentioned, NFL draft night might be the best night at the country club.  Would be a great night to check out Crosby.  Can introduce you to some of the greasiest bar bets around.  


In a follow-up email, Dillion added that "As far as the late night burgers, there's not a chance of anything being open past 9 other than the local sports bar or a buddy's house."

In other words, there are a bunch of Blackstones being used for tacos around Crosby at midnight when people start craving a Taco Bell run.

On Mardi Gras

• Eddie from Acworth writes:

I was born in New Orleans, but my parents moved to Atlanta when I was 1, so I am an Atlanta native-but I still have relatives and roots in New Orleans and I love the city-especially during Mardi Gras season. 

We just got back from New Orleans and were able to get in some parades.  I would HIGHLY recommend to your readers that they make a trip to New Orleans during carnival season.  The people are so great-and it seems everyone gets along during a parade.  It is a great way to escape the trials of life. 

If anything, go to New Orleans to experience the food.  New Orleans is like a different world as well-you can go to your local CVS and buy a bottle of Jagermeister (if that is your thing).

Tomorrow starts the season of Lent (Ash Wednesday)-so this is the last day to "cut loose" before the pious season of Easter begins.

Happy Mardi Gras!!

On golf 'chip' shots

• Reid S. writes:

Thanks for posting my how to break a tie article,

I have 1 small request;

Can you do a favor for Grant H. in Crosby, ND along with all other readers and let them know that call golf shot that is further then 20 yards is not a chip. Nothing screams I’m a 30 handicap (terrible golfer) like calling a shot that requires nearly a full swing a chip.

0-20 yards = chip 

31-75 yards = pitch

76- over = wedge or just a shot

On 'travel' ball

• Duncan N. writes

We’ve already started travel tournaments in Georgia, my little man pitched and struck out 5 in 2 innings. Here he is after a double to deep right. Good luck with the season!


Wait, travel ball starts in late February/early March? Do these kids play 82 game schedules? I need some details on how many months of travel ball we're talking here.

On screened-in porches

• Adam D. in Kansas writes:

Loving the Screencaps community!  Something has been coming to mind as we move towards TNML time.  Not trying to start a chili debate or anything that vicious.   Seems from all the mowing photos that no one has screened in decks?  I have dreamed of a screened in deck since before I can remember.  Someday I will be sitting on my back deck with no bugs flying around just admiring my fresh cut lawn.

Am I a Beans in chili, gas grilling, minivan driving fool for even thinking this would be ideal? 

Need to hear from the SC community on this one.    Thank you for all you do for us regular Americans.


Considering OutKick/Screencaps has a massive following across the south, I have to believe Adam won't be attacked for such a 'want' in life. I think the real problem here would be if Adam is talking a screened in porch without any outdoor space to enjoy. Is there anything wrong with throwing chairs in the yard to enjoy nature during the day and then retreating to a screened in porch when the sun goes down and the mosquitos start to munch?

Not in my eyes.

I think Adam is safe here.

On Jill Arrington's prime

• Craig V. in Indy writes:

Always try and limit my responses but today was pure gold for me. First things first, I believe the Ikea in Westerville, OH is also either next to or across from TopGolf as well. So I would say there is definitely a developing correlation.

Now to Jill Arrington. She was someone I had completely forgotten about and it looks like she still has her fastball. I always loved her in the glory days of Maxim/FHM. Anyway, seeing her reminded me of a story from the early 2000s.

My buddy had season tickets to the Indiana Firebirds. This team was stacked. They had Raymond Philyaw and “Touchdown” Eddie Brown. For those of you keeping score at home, that is indeed Antonio Brown’s dad. So we knew when TNN would be there and they would always give out a fan of the game award.

So he and I dressed like total idiots one day we knew she would be there. I was wearing the mask pictured below. We would yell at her every time she walked by and she laughed every time. Low and behold she comes up to us in the 4th quarter doing a live hit from the stands and presents us a game ball and gave me a hug. As a 15 year old dude, being that close to a woman of that hotness was about as good as it gets.

On chasing sunsets

• Mike T. and Cindy T. have 12 more sunsets to go before they head back to life in Idaho. The Ts really have been a breath of fresh air for me the last two months. It could be 20-below here on a Wednesday morning, but I always could count on Mike T. to have a fresh, new photo of Mexican food waiting for me each morning.

On first beers

• Gerard W. writes:

What did you drink before Bush Light? Did you ever get to drink from a Coors Light Party Ball? The Party Ball was the perfect invention. It came in a box with a liner. You just had to add ice, tap it, and then you had fresh keg beer!

The only downfall was someone had to store the tapper. It was a challenge finding someone to keep it well hid from their parents. We then 'graduated' to drinking Keystone Light in college. Just wondering if small-town drinking in Ohio in the late 80’s early 90’s was the same as Illinois?


Answer: Old Milwaukee Beast Light was popular in high school. I don't remember what I drank after arriving at the University of Toledo. As for party balls, I seem to remember a few of those over the years, but I specifically remember a Toledo club hockey player smuggling a quarter barrel into our dorm via his equipment bag.

I miss keggers and the cool guys ramming on the pump to impress the ladies.

Listen, I could go on and on, but it's time to get this hump day rolling. I have a Woke All-Star Challenge to compile. Have a great day across this great country.


(Ed. note: there are dozens of emails piling up as people wake up from their winter naps. I will get to yours, I promise.)

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