Gender Studies Professor Cancels Final, Gives All Students A 100, Isn't Sure Finals Are Useful

Good luck getting into queer studies scholar Dr. Brandon Andrew Robinson's gender studies classes at the University of California-Riverside after what Robinson announced Monday on Twitter. The doctor, who doesn't go by he/him, but instead prefers they/them, announced that students would receive a 100% on the final without having to take it.

That's right, if you're in the class, you're getting a 100 on the final. "I mean, is there any studies or proof that shows that finals are good? Or actually do something?" Dr. Robinson tweeted.

And that's how you go from obscure queer studies scholar to social media infamy in one afternoon.

Before you destroy Robinson for this decision to just cancel finals and move on, let's go back to some of those off-the-wall classes you took during college that you're still paying off via student loans. There used to be a History of the National Football League class at the University of Toledo. I know because I took it, along with half of the Rockets football team. I'm sure we had a final, but let's be honest here, it wasn't necessary. Another elective that got me to the finish line of graduation was some camping class. Let's be honest, a final wasn't necessary. Can you camp in the Michigan wilderness for a couple nights while taking dumps in the woods and cooking your own meals? OK, you pass with an A.

The Quick Draw McGraw move is to destroy they/them over this decision. Folks, it's a gender studies class. It's not like the students are about to work on airplane engines or be in charge of designing defibrillators.

Do I want airplane mechanics to prove they know the material? Yes. Do I want people in the medical field to do some studying and really give it their all on a final exam? Yeah, I do. Do I want attorneys to study the law books so I don't get hosed in court? Yes.

Do I care if Dr. Brandon's students are able to "implement a queer of color critique to investigate how class and race intertwine with gender and sexuality in LGBTQ people’s lives"? I don't even know what the students will do with that after college. I'm out, dawg. Don't care.

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