Gender Equity Petition Push Could Make Nantucket Beaches Topless

If a Nantucket sex educator has her way, women will be allowed to let 'em breathe just like the men on the island's beaches. Under Dorothy Stover's gender equity plan, the town's bylaws would change to allow women to go topless while enjoying a day of sand, sun, and fun.

According to her petition which has made its way to Boston media outlets, "in order to promote for all persons, any person shall be allowed to be topless on any public or private beach within the town of Nantucket."

Dorothy says this is clearly an equity issue and she's fighting for the rights of women to lose the bikini top and let 'em breathe! She wants people to recognize how boobs on beaches haven't ruined places like Europe where all sorts of women dump 'em out on the beach.

Look, many of us have been to the Mexican resorts where the Euros have their boobs out and after you've seen one pair, you've seen 'em all. At some point, you go back to concentrating on getting a nice buzz, watching the waves crash, and hoping this life of laying on the beach never ends.

The boobs come and go at these resorts and at first, it's like, Oh look, boobs, and then it becomes clinical. After six straight days of tequila and boobs, the typical guy leaves these resorts numb to boobs. Ho-hum, just another set of boobs.

The push for women to go topless in the United States received support from the Supreme Court in 2020 when it refused to get involved in a federal appeals decision that struck down a topless ban in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“We have the exact same makeup — men have mammary glands and nipples — and so I started reaching more into it and men can go topless but we can’t,” Stover told the Nantucket Current. “It blew my mind that we’re still in this space. But it’s turned into an equity issue, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this.”

Dorothy isn't just one of these sex educators who talks a big game. She explained to the Current that she hits up the unofficial Nantucket topless beach from time to time.

She has the signatures needed to bring this ordinance proposal to the local politicians who will rule on a new bylaw. It's entirely possible women could be allowed to let 'em breathe by the summer of 2022. Stay tuned.

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