Fox Biz Anchor Calls Portnoy 'A Little Bitch' On Live TV

Charles Payne, host of Fox Business' Making Money, got into a war of words with Dave Portnoy, the eccentric face of Barstool Sports, over retail investing in the past year.

The two spent a segment recapping the 2020 markets, determining winners and losers, when Payne took issue with Portnoy encouraging others to gamble their money away on the market.

The phenomenon of retail investors has since fizzled during the turbulent market of 2021, and Payne called Portnoy out for giving advice that resulted in major losses for retail investors who have much less to spend and much more to lose than the millionaire media personality.

Portnoy then called the Making Money host a "moron" and accused him of believing bots on Twitter. The Barstool founder also denied having the "paper hands" that had inspired investors to sell their stocks for a loss.

The two continued to trade loud remarks. Payne pulled no punches and called Portnoy "a little bitch" in emphatic fashion. Portnoy quickly caught on to the remark and tried to laugh it off as the interview wrapped up.

Dave Portnoy's popularity grew during the pandemic year as he branched out into the world of finance, especially stocks, to give kids with extra cash a shot at building their net worth.

Appearing on his daily stock-picking show DDTG (Dave Day Trader Global, or formally DDTGG), Portnoy inspired investing at time when the U.S. economy was a rising — meaning many investors also won big.

Clay did the same with his personal endorsement of $PENN, which certainly made an anonymous OutKick writer lots of money.

While a fair Q&A is normally in line for guests on Fox and Fox affiliate shows, Charles Payne's classic episode with Portnoy should be nothing more than a short-term feud between the two.

Then again, a Payne vs. Portnoy PPV event would make for a good payday.

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