FOUR 'Let’s Go, Brandon' Songs Top iTunes Chart

Make room, Adele. (It should be easier, now that you've lost all that weight. Seriously, girl, you look great.) Brandon's buying real estate atop the iTunes charts and at the rate he's going, you'll be stuck trick-or-treating from a studio apartment. Two "Let's Go, Brandon" songs have moved passed the English superstar to claim the top spots on iTunes, and four versions of "Let's Go, Brandon" have made their way into America's top 8.

The American people have spoken, and their choice likely won't be music to President Biden's ears.

The increasingly popular "Let's Go, Brandon" phrase is spreading across the country faster than a liberal can correct your pronoun usage. "Brandon" chants are everywhere: the MLB playoffs, popular streaming channels, the track, and now the top of the iTunes charts.

Just yesterday, Marine James Kilcer, the hero who single-handily stopped an armed robbery, wore a "Lets Go Brandon" shirt while being honored for his bravery in Arizona. Its questionable punctuation aside, the t-shirt sends a strong message to Biden and others in power: the American people have had it.

By the way, you too can look like a Marine (minus the muscles) with an OutKick Let's Go Brandon t-shirt

If the iTunes charts are any indication, when they're not buying t-shirts, Americans are feverishly downloading some version of "Let's Go, Brandon," singing along with lyrics such as:
Let's go, Brandon
Pandemic ain't real, thеy just planned it, ayy, ayy (they just planned it)
Lеt's go, Brandon
You ask questions, they start bannin', ayy, ayy (facts)
Let's go, Brandon, ayy, ayy (let's go)
Let's go, Brandon, ayy, ayy (ayy, let's go)
Biden said the jab stop the spread, it was lies (I remember)
How you woke, but you haven't opened your eyes? (You can't see)
These politicians are demons, just in disguise (facts)
Look at Kyrie Irving and Nicki Minaj (let's go)


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