Former WWE Wrestler Billie Kay Makes Her Followers 'Say Her Name' While Promoting Exclusive Content In Pink Lingerie

Jessica McKay, aka former WWE wrestler Billie Kay, left her wrestling career behind last April. She and her "The IIconics" tag team partner Cassie Lee announced they were stepping away from in-ring action indefinitely.

The former Impact tag team champions' run with Impact Wrestling came after the two were released by the WWE in April 2021. The decision to step away from wrestling doesn't mean McKay is keeping herself completely out of the spotlight.

Since leaving wrestling, McKay has turned her focus to acting. The 33-year-old is set to make her feature film debut in The Charisma Killers. She plays a swinger wife in the serial killer flick.

Professional wrestlers Tenille "Emma" Dashwood and Brian Pillman Jr. are also making their debuts in the movie.

In addition to her acting career, the Australian born entertainer is also focused on creating content. Both for her 1.3 million Instagram followers and for those who subscribe to her exclusive content on BrandArmy.

If BrandArmy sounds familiar that's because her fellow former WWE wrestler, C.J. Perry, also makes content on the porn-less OnlyFans alternative.

On occasion the content on the two platforms collide. McKay's latest video is one such occasion. She dropped a video that features her promoting her exclusive content in pink lingerie.

The caption reads, "Make you wanna say my name…" and then directs her followers to her BrandArmy site.

It's All About Content, Content, Content And You Don't Need The WWE For That

It's not the first time McKay has directed her Instagram followers to check her out on the exclusive content platform and it won't be the last.

Her side gig could very well be a contributing factor in her decision to change careers. If there was an opportunity to return to the WWE, she would have to shutdown the exclusive content hustle.

As we've learned from other WWE wrestlers, with large social media followings, the side gig can be an extremely lucrative endeavor.

Shuttering operations might not make financial sense, especially to beat yourself up in the ring.