Former WWE Ring Girl Set to Challenge Longtime Senator Richard Blumenthal For CT Senate Seat

Themis Klarides is the favorite to win Connecticut's GOP primary on Aug. 9. The former WWE — WWF at the time — ring girl is an attorney who has spent the last 20 plus years serving as a representative in the state's legislature.

Klarides literally worked as a WWF Raw ring girl to help put herself through school. She was one of several ring girls hired to hold signs for one of the company's most popular programs when it debuted in 1993.

According to the NY Post, the 57-year-old was at one time romantically linked to pro-wrestler Shawn Michaels. Well ahead of her time in that respect.

She's in the process of completing her masters degree in economics

Thanks to a grainy video put up on YouTube last year, there is footage of Klarides doing some ring girl work. She also received quite the introduction from backstage interviewer Todd Pettengill.

After a brief introduction, Pettengill got into the part about her working on her masters degree as she worked as a ring girl, "She's a graduate of the Bridgeport school of law, this girl's an attorney!”

"She's working now at an insurance company," he continued. "She's in the process of completing her masters degree in economics. Themis was a finalist in last year's Miss Fitness USA and has plans to compete in other fitness contests this summer."

I don't know much about Senator Richard Blumenthal's past

We've all heard the story about the stripper or Hooters girl who is putting themselves through school. Now we've heard the story about the WWE ring girl who put herself through school.

It's rare that we get a follow up after they've finished school, become an attorney, a state representative, and a Senate hopeful.

I don't know much about Senator Richard Blumenthal's past, but I'm going to guess there's no ring girl work to put himself through college in his background. An easier way to put it is, we can all root for the former ring girl over the longtime Senator.

I know I am and I don't have a dog in the fight.