Former Teacher Facing Charges For ‘Twerking’ On Student, Pressuring Them To Drink Alcohol At Prom

A former teacher at a private Christian school in Florida, who was arrested back in June for allegedly sexting a student, is in trouble for another incident involving a student.

Julie Hoover, 39, was arrested earlier this week for allegedly twerking on a student and pressuring him to drink at the school's prom. She faces charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and soliciting or engaging in sexual conduct against a student by an authority figure.

According to investigators, the student said Hoover was pressuring him to drink by forcing the straw from her cup into his mouth.

A school administrator said that the alcohol was kept in a back room. And that it was for the staff to drink when the students left.

A prom nobody is going to forget

Hoover apparently got into the alcohol a little early and that led to some bad decisions on her part. The student also said that she was "twerking" on him as he stood near the dance floor. His story was corroborated by others.

The school released a statement following Hoover's latest arrest. Understandably they did their best to distance themselves from the teacher.

"Mrs. Hoover is a former teacher with Point of Grace Christian," the statement says. "We will not provide further information on her employment or departure from our school."

"The Taylor County Sheriff's Office informed us of the allegations against Mrs. Hoover, and we have cooperated with the investigation. Out of respect for the judicial process, we will not comment any further at this time."

As bad as twerking on a student and pressuring them to drink sounds, it doesn't hold a candle to the allegations from Hoover's June arrest.

Hoover was allegedly sexting with an 18-year-old student and trying to arrange for him to visit her while her husband was at work. You can't do that, not even in Florida.

The twerking on a student and pressuring them to drink should probably keep you out of the classroom. The sexting is the icing on top of the "not teacher material" cake.

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