Former OnlyFans Top Earner Says She Had Sex More Times Than She Showered In 2022

A former OnlyFans model, who spent time as the platform's top earner when she was making $100,000 a month creating content, is grabbing the internet's attention for a much different reason. She sent out a tweet recapping her 2022, and one thing on her list stands out.

The fact that she only took thirty-seven showers the entire year.

She goes by the name Aella, and she hasn't posted anything on her OnlyFans since October 27, 2021. The bio for the page reads in all caps, "Currently on Hiatus." She claims on her website to have gone on hiatus because her "attention span ran out."

These days, aside from barely showering, she says she's "working on my research institute for sexual fetishes."

According to a few tweets Aella shared on New Year's Eve, showering is not high on her list of activities in 2022.

Showering doesn't even crack her Top 10. She says she tracked all of the activities on an app called Daylio and that things like having sex, crying, and gaming were higher priorities for her than showering last year.

Aella's thirty-seven showers ranked thirteenth on her list, wedged between having a good meal and traveling. That's hard to believe, but that's what her list says.

So what's up with not showering, and how does one still manage to have almost twice as much sex as they do showers? According to Aella, it's all about her skin's microbiome.

She replied, "yep, I try not to disturb my natural skin microbiome too much. If I shower too often, I seem to stink more!" to a question about her showering habits.

Bidets And Spot Washing Are Good Enough For Aella

As for the sex, she's not a complete maniac. She used a bidet on a regular basis and stayed fresh by spot washing, "I regularly use a bidet and spot-wash my armpits and genitals tho."

This is a woman who also claims to have spent a year getting addicted to LSD. Which, do your thing, but that had to have crossed a few wires.

There's no amount of "spot washing" known to man that would get me through an entire year on under forty showers. It's just not going to happen. Blame my skin's microbiome or whatever, but I feel like I'm a triple-digit guy when it comes to showering.

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