Former NHL Player Sean Avery Threatens Neighbor With Vandalism

Sean Avery is not the kind of guy you want to mess with; not during his NHL playing days or now.

The legendary pest was known to do anything he could to get revenge on the ice, whether that meant throwing verbal barbs at another player who happened to be dating his ex-girlfriend, or a creative method of screening Martin Brodeur.

Now, Avery's ire is pointed squarely at his neighbor.

According to TMZ Sports, Avery was in the Hollywood Hills — he said he was house-sitting at the time — when he decided he didn't like the way his neighbor parked their car. The former NHLer was adamant that the cars were parked illegally and he wanted them moved.

Avery and the neighbors got into an argument over the cars. "The next time one of you guys parks your cars there," Avery warned. "I'm going to snap your windshield wipers off. One-hundred percent. One-hundred percent. Ask around!"

Is Sean Avery admitting to serial windshield wiper snappery? Perhaps.

Avery Has A History Of Off-Ice Agitation

This isn't even Avery's first automotive-related beef. Last year, Avery snapped off someone's mirror while out for a jog.

Alright, so this really isn't funny, but I can't help but chuckle because this is how many Sean Avery on-ice confrontations went down during his career. He would do something bizarre, and then another player would call him a "psychopath," then he'd throw one more shot and leave.

He also faced criminal mischief charges earlier this year which stemmed from a 2019 incident in New York City.

I mean, the guy wracked up more than 1,500 penalty minutes. If he keeps this up, he may be adding some community service hours to that total.

Avery retired from the NHL after the 2011-12 season. Back in February, at 41 years old, Avery signed a contract with the ECHL's Orlando Solar Bears. However, the team released him a few days later without him ever playing a game.

Since retirement, Avery has turned to acting. His credits include Christopher Nolan movies like Tenet and the upcoming film Oppenheimer.

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