Former Jockey Turned OnlyFans Model Libby Hopwood Strips Down To Her Bikini & Pours Milk On Herself

Former jockey Libby Hopwood has fully embraced her decision to become an OnlyFans model. She's going all in on content creating with the hopes of making the content game her full-time gig. A step that she hasn't been able to take just yet.

That said, her "Bets and Boobs" content has been well-received and she's been pleasantly surprised by the response to taking her talents to the exclusive content platform. Libby is making content on a daily basis after joining the site back in August.

That content is specifically designed so that you earn you more money from her bets than it takes to subscribe for her boobs. As of early last month, Libby was delivering on that promise.

She revealed in one of her roundup videos that her return on investment at the time would have paid for more than four years of her subscription. She said, "On Monday"s, I do a roundup to make sure I remain accountable!!"

"ROI is 21% at the moment which is 4.3 YEARS of subscription… pretty good value," she concluded.

It's hard to argue with results like that. It's also hard to argue that creating content on a daily basis isn't an easy task. You're constantly learning what works and what doesn't.

Libby learned one of those lessons in content creating earlier this week. She stripped down to a skimpy pink bikini and poured milk on herself. She shared what she called not one of her brightest ideas on Twitter and admitted that she thought it was going to be sexy.

Libby's caption of the short video reads, "Take a picture with milk they said, it'll be sexy they said...I was the they.... Not one of my brightest ideas."

Being An OnlyFans Model Requires A Ton Of High Quality Content

Now also what you learn in the content game is that you have to listen to your audience. It's unknown if she shared the clip, or a racier version of it, with her OnlyFans subscribers or not.

But the folks on Twitter - and that includes a few without a filter - seemed to disagree with Libby's assessment that pouring milk on herself was a bad idea.

A couple of the comments in the safe for work category help to make that point. One said, "Love the fact that you can laugh at yourself, brilliant!"

Another added, "Libby you are wrong, this was a very good idea."

I side with those who are on the right side of history and who think the video was a good idea. Deep down I think that's the side Libby falls on too.