Former Fauci Colleague Takes Her Talents To OnlyFans, Creates Orgasm Art

As if the pandemic era couldn't get any crazier, now comes news that one of Anthony Fauci's former coworkers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has pivoted from working as a scientist to making a living selling orgasm art and NSFW content on OnlyFans. 44-year-old Hannah Sanford left behind a career where she focused on viruses like Ebola to create art to reflect the orgasms in her life.

Now that's some 2021 right there.

According to the New York Post, Sanford had spent her career at NIAID with Fauci and had stints at the Harvard Medical School along with a stop at an $80k-a-year job where she focused on anthrax vaccines, and she ditched it all for the OnlyFans job that pumps approximately $100k into her bank account per year.

And you guys wonder why there's an employee shortage out there!

“I surrender to the memory of the orgasm,” Sanford told the Post. “It can feel like tension ahead of an incredible release.”

Now, for $19.99, fans of Fauci's former colleague can inject orgasm art into their veins. "I'm a fine artist creating amazing artwork fueled by orgasms 🎨💦 This is a safe space to be fully self-expressed. Sex & art are meant to be fun, playful & satisfying to all.😁 And immersive: dive in fully!" Sanford says on her VIP OnlyFans page.

It sounds like Sanford has found a career pivot that works for her and takes her away from the stress of COVID research and all that comes with that career. It sounds like Hannah might be the one to tell Fauci it's time to pivot into orgasm art or some other passion besides COVID fear porn.

“After spending 13 years as a microbiologist at Harvard Medical School, the NIH , and others, I was profoundly unhappy having science as my only creative expression, so I started drawing and painting. Now I show others how living true to their deepest desires can pay off big time,” she told

For $500, you can own one of Sanford's works. Take a look around her gallery.

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