Former Doctor Turned OnlyFans Model Jailed For Posting 'Explicit' Content

A Burmese OnlyFans model was sentenced to six years in jail. She was found guilty of breaking the law as a result of sharing explicit content on the popular platform.

Nang Mwe San is a former doctor who had her license taken away from her in 2019 for posting provocative pictures on Facebook. She built a large following on the social media platform and eventually expanded that success to other platforms, including OnlyFans.

Earlier this week she was given a six-year jail sentence by a military tribunal for "harming culture and dignity." Nang was convicted under Section 33 (A) of Myanmar's Electronics Transactions Law, which allows for jail time for a wide range of violations.

Jail Time For Adult Content Isn't A Good Sign

Nang is the first person to ever be prosecuted under Myanmar’s Electronic Communications Act. She is also believed to be the first person in the world jailed for OnlyFans content.

She was reportedly denied access to a lawyer and sentenced in a closed military court. The area in Myanmar where she is from is currently under martial law for ongoing protests against the military junta.

Prior to Nang's arrest, the 34-year-old was an outspoken critic of the military dictatorship that ousted the democratically elected government back in February 2021.

She took to Twitter at the time to speak out. She captioned a picture of herself holding up three fingers, "We want justice."

If an OnlyFans model being sent to jail doesn't motivate the people to take a stand, then nothing will. There has to be a line that can't be crossed.

If people aren't willing to stand up for the right to share explicit content on the internet. Then where is the line?

Sure I'm looking at it from the perspective of someone who lives in a part of the world where everyone and their grandmother has an OnlyFans. That said, there should be some sort of outcry.

Six years in jail for some racy content is a little excessive.