Former Cyclist Lucia Javorcekova Teases Exclusive Content

Slovakian fitness model Lucia Javorcekova quit cycling in 2018 to become a full-time model and a DJ. It's not clear how the DJing worked out but the modeling has been pretty successful.

Since her cycling career came to an end, Lucia has built a huge following on social media using her impressive modeling skills. As a result she's even made a couple of appearances in Morning Screencaps.

Using her huge following on Instagram to tease exclusive content on OnlyFans felt like the right time to take an in-depth look at her work.

Lucia captioned the teaser, "Feliz Domingo guys. You know where to see more." She added the location of "Link In Bio" to point her followers in the right direction.

Lucia Javorcekova Made The Right Decision

Quitting cycling has opened Lucia's schedule quite a bit and while she no longer trains for competitions she's still a regular in the gym.

All she's done with that flexibility is grow her own brand as a model. And become a brand ambassador for a number of companies including Maxsport, Bebe hair and Invisalign.

The momentum she's been able to build up over the last few years is going to be hard to slow down. She can, and does often, create content from anywhere at any time.

While Lucia's formula for success might require flexibility, it doesn't appear to require much clothing. From the looks of it that's perfectly fine with her. She doesn't appear to be someone that likes wearing a lot of clothing.