Former Cheerleader Turned WWE Superstar Turning Heads On Instagram

One of the WWE's newest projects is Sofia Cromwell, also known as Maxxine Dupri. She's a former Phoenix Suns dancer and Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders that the company recently hired with the hopes of molding her into a star.

The 25-year-old was signed to WWE's development brand NXT and mostly appeared in backstage segments on NXT television. That was before she made her SmackDown debut as Maxxine Dupri over the summer.

Maxxine is the sister of Max Dupri and appeared alongside him and the rest of the Maximum Male Models at WWE SummerSlam and Clash At The Castle.

She's continued to make appearances on SmackDown and has used all of the added attention to her advantage. The WWE Superstar in the making turned decided to give her fans a treat by turning up the heat with a couple of bikini body featuring looks.

Maxxine captioned one look, "just updating my 'this is her' pic."

The other was a video she used to give a sneak peek at her favorite collection. Both were well-received by her growing fan base.

Not your typical career path for Maxxine Dupri

It looks like Maxxine made a great career move by transitioning from dancer/cheerleader to the world of professional wrestling. It doesn't get any bigger than the WWE.

Will she turn into a gigantic superstar like others have done with their opportunity from the wrestling organization? It's too early to tell.

What we can tell already is that she has all the makings of a big-time star. If not in the ring, definitely on social media.