Former Auburn Coach Bryan Harsin's House Is For Sale

Are you a college football coach relocating to Auburn, Alabama? Former Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin, who didn't last two full seasons -- 9-12, 4-9 in the SEC -- no longer has use for his four-bedroom, six-bathroom 5,000 sq. ft. house now that he's been ousted by boosters who were sick of his performance.

The asking price: $2,950,000, but you have to figure Harsin is willing to wheel and deal with this one considering he received somewhere around $15 million by boosters to get the hell out of town. The last thing a fired SEC coach wants to be doing is sticking around town and showing his face at the local Lowe's (5.4 miles) or on a sub run to the local Publix (1.6 miles).

And let's face it, this house isn't exactly a forever home for a guy who has spent most of his life in Boise, Idaho.

From Harsin's realtor:

Perfectly situated on 5-acre pecan grove, this spectacular home in Auburn, Alabama exemplifies the best in design and planning details. Expansive windows and glass doors create a light-filled interior/living space ideal for entertaining. The open plan allows guests to move freely and offers seamless transition to outdoor living.

The heated screened porch, expansive pool deck with heated pool, and Bocce Ball court comprise this rear outdoor oasis atop 2 acres of fenced yard. A second driveway leads to the 2400 SF heated and cooled "barn house" to enjoy the entertainment room, home fitness gym and oversized garage. The possibilities here are endless. This home is a work of art that offers the best and latest features.

The realtors always leave out the most interesting aspects of these houses. Have you ever wanted to own a house with a pizza oven that has a great view of a toilet? Harsin's house is your place. That might be a door, but it's a door made of glass and it sure isn't tinted glass.

Nothing says multi-million-dollar home like a great view of the dump station.

Other than that, the pool is nice and there's some acreage. The pecan trees are nice. The kitchen is typical of every other kitchen your wife has seen on Instagram. And the theater room has room for four theater seats. It's a terrible room. Shame on you if the theater room sells you on this house.

Mortgage: $17,000/mo., but you can make a few bucks farming out those pecan trees.

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