Floyd Mayweather Called To Check On Will Smith 10 Consecutive Days After Oscars Slap

After the slap heard round the world at this year’s Oscars, Will Smith was not a particularly popular figure for many entertainment figures. That didn’t bother boxer Floyd Mayweather, however.

According to a recent TMZ report, after Smith famously slapped Chris Rock, Mayweather called him every day for 10 consecutive days to check on him.

Smith made the revelation during a private screening of his latest movie, where Mayweather was in attendance.

"And, the day after the Oscars, for 10 days he called me every day," Smith said. "And, he was like, 'Ay, you know you the champ, right? You good? You know you the champ, right? I want you to hear my voice say it.'"

While it’s nice to hear that Mayweather can be so supportive, it is a bit odd that he didn’t call Chris Rock, who was actually victimized by Smith’s action to check if he was ok.

Smith said he was "ashamed and depressed" by what happened, but he did instigate the incident and physically assault someone during one of the most important television broadcasts of the year.

What might be most surprising is that Mayweather and Smith weren’t even particularly good friends.

According to Smith, they’ve seen each other around at events, but didn’t have a close relationship.

"I want to say something also about Floyd. So, we've met each other, we've seen each other around, but we weren't like, friends," Smith said of Mayweather.

To call someone every day for 10 consecutive days, you’d assume there was a lengthy history and friendship, but Mayweather apparently took it on himself to see how he was doing.

Of course, this all could have been avoided if Smith had just controlled his temper after hearing an entirely inoffensive joke.

Then again, Mayweather knows better than anyone what it means to hit another person in the face.

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