Florida Woman Casually Records A Snake Crawling Out Of Her Christmas Tree

Oh look, a snake crawling out of an artificial Christmas tree in Davenport, Florida. Facebook experts say that's a rat snake just hanging out, minding its business in a tree like it would do in the wild. Those of us who aren't down with snakes slithering out of Christmas trees -- or any other part of the house -- look at this as nightmare fuel.

It's been a big year for animals in Christmas trees. Just last week we told you about the lady who had a big problem on her hands when a raccoon jumped out of her tree and caused chaos with her dog.

How does a rat snake end up in an artificial Christmas tree? Florida wildlife removal guy Mike Spanola explains the situation homeowners face with their Christmas trees.

"More common than you think. We removed one from a customer's tree just a few weeks ago. Fake tree, stored in attic. Customer had the snake living in her tree in her attic eating.....rats," Spanola wrote on Twitter.

There you go. Good luck to everyone in Florida reaching under their trees on Christmas morning.

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