Florida Sheriff's Office Goes Viral For Making Jokes On TikTok About A Felon Who Shot Himself In The Junk With A Stolen Gun

If you commit a crime Lee County, Florida you run the risk of not just being arrested, but of being roasted on social media too. That's because the Lee County Sheriff's Office is on TikTok and the sheriff, Carmine Marceno, really enjoys making videos.

The sheriff's office's latest video is getting some attention for jokes poking fun at a gun toting felon's misfortune. Sheriff Marceno explains how the man was riding around on a scooter with a stolen gun in his waistband when it discharged and he shot himself in the junk.

Marceno explains, "A violent convicted felon roaming the streets of North Fort Myers on a scooter, with a stolen firearm in his waistband."

"He tries to kick start that scooter and accidentally discharges that firearm and shoots his..."

The clip then cuts to a scene from the movie Austin Powers. That scene, if you're not familiar, is a series of dick jokes.

When the scene concludes Marceno returns with a straight face, and more information about the alleged crime. The text overlay reads, "Alan Sawyer was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon."

Marceno adds, "He got immediate medical attention and off to the Marceno Motel where he belongs."

This Florida Sheriff's Office Is Kind Of Playing Around

If this TikTok account isn't a crime deterrent I don't know what is. This guy had a stolen weapon, is already a felon, then shot himself in the junk before getting arrested and charged with a crime.

All of that sucks. The cherry on top of the suck sundae is the fact that the sheriff's office then made fun of him on social media.

The comment section of the video said it best, "That is why you NEVER point your piece at your piece."

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