Florida Man Uses Pool Skimmer To Remove Iguana From Christmas Tree After Cold Front Causes It To Rain Lizards, Kind Of

You've heard of frost warnings, tornado warnings, hurricane warnings and things of that nature. Have you heard of an IGUANA WARNING?!

No?! Well, it's a real thing.

With a historic cold front blasting much of the United States, Florida is seeing temperatures drop into the 40s. Iguanas, which are native to tropical areas, do not do well when the thermometer dips that low.

Cold-blooded green iguanas rely on external heat to regulate body temperature. When it drops below about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they struggle.

To help get through the cold, many iguanas go into a hibernation-like state. They do not die, and eventually wake up when the weather gets warmer.

However, since iguanas typically hang out in trees, the hibernation-like state often causes them to lose their grip and fall. It leaves a trail of semi-paralyzed iguanas all over the ground.

If you're out for a walk under the cover of trees when this happens, you're at risk of getting hit. One might land on your car. It might fall onto your roof.

It literally rains iguanas. Here is an example from last January:

As frigid temperatures (by Florida standard) roll through the Sunshine State this week, it called for a warning. An iguana warning. It was cold enough for the hibernation-like state to kick in.

As cold as it was over the weekend, some of the iguanas did not go into paralysis. Some of them sought shelter inside.

In one particular case, an iguana was successful in its quest. It made its way inside an unsuspecting household and scampered over to the nearest tree, as it would outside.

The only problem was that the nearest tree was a Christmas tree.

Thus, Florida Man was thrust into action.

He ran outside, grabbed his pool skimmer, and tried to coerce the iguana off of his well-decorated tree. It didn't work.

After the iguana reached the star, Florida Man swooped in and missed. The iguana went scampering down the branches, leaving a trail of broken ornaments in its path.

Unfortunately, the video does not come to a conclusion. Did the iguana climb back up the tree? Was Florida Man successful in his hunt? It's a Christmas mystery!